Bikini Atoll is located in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean. It is quite famous. The United States conducted nuclear testing on Bikini. They exploded atom bombs both in the atmosphere and I believe under the ocean.

Because of the widespread press, fashion designers began calling the skimpy two piece female bathing suits, the bikini. Bikini conjures up tropical in a big way.

Bikini also is a registry of convenience for super yachts. This week there were two yachts in the harbour registered in Bikini in the Marshall Islands. The first was "Unforgettable". The second one was a real mid-life-crisis, small-male-organ called "Man of Steel" that was over 100 feet long.

Of course, these registries are registries of convenience where the filing requirements (and other considerations like safety and environmental) are minimal.

The other interesting and ironic thing, is that because of the nuclear testing, Bikini is totally uninhabited by human beings. Yet ships are registered there.

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