Anti-Chinese Rant

Even the catfood from China is spiked with poisonous melamine.

In a previous blog entry that was picked up by CNN, I detailed how the Chinese state had attempted to hack my servers. You can find the text here:
My ire is up again. In a country that employs thousands and thousands of censors, you cannot put up a private web page without getting noticed. So when I get spam from a Chinese portal, you have to come to the conclusion that is state sponsored as well.

I have another innocuous blog of my highschool days. I got a spam comment on it. Here is the text:

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This is a blatant ripoff of Google's intellectual property. Google is the originator of AdSense.

This state-sponsored thievery has to be stopped. I saw a news item where the Chinese government pirated NEC products, and even built a factory to manufacture counterfeit NEC CD players and consumer electronics.

The Chinese rip off and counterfeit everything from Rolexes to Gucci. Nothing is sacred to them. It is obvious that they do not respect us. Nor should they get our respect. They are a rogue nation who do not respect international laws or human rights, and as long as the current Chinese regime is in power, they are a blight, no make that a cancer, on the altruistic side of humanity.

Addendum: Up north every year, there is a Christmas Craft Sale. On particular artisan made quaint cottages carved from wood and decorated as if it were a cabin in the snowy woods. He would spend hours making them. At the Craft Sale, he sold one for $60 dollars to a Chinese trade envoy. Six months later, cast plastic copies were in the dollar stores.

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