Surreal Paradise Stream of Conciousness

This blog entry, like the full moon photo above is a little surreal. It is a mish mash of stream of conciousness. First of all, I think that I have coined a new concept that goes well with the surrealism theme: Reality Uptake Inhibitors.

There can be many reality uptake inhibitors, such as alcohol, drugs, movies, a good book or anything that allows you to escape the reality of the present for a while.

Second stream of conciousness: This blog has climbed 101,702 places in the Technorati ratings since mid-October. Thank you for reading it.

Third stream of conciousness: Google brought some strange traffic. Someone came to the site to see if potcake dogs shed. Believe me, they do. The Beamer is full of doghair from ferrying our potcake charges to the beach.

Fourth stream of conciousness: Someone from Ridyah in Saudi Arabia ended up on this blog looking for I guess it was a Saudi going out for a some Indian.

Fifth stream of conciousness: See the beach pic at the top of my blog? Yesterday was the second day in a row that I swam the length of the beach. I am a bit stiff, but rather pleased with what it has done to my arm muscles and biceps in particular. Swimming the length happened by accident. I usually swim out to the buoys for the exercise. However, the swim didn't see very long so I started swimming parallel to the beach, and the first thing that I knew was that I was coming up to the rocks at the very end of the beach.

Sixth stream of conciousness: The news from home is not that hot. It is -26 (minus twenty six) degrees and freezing and Nortel went bankrupt. Nortel in its day, was one of the happiest places that I have worked at. That all change when I arrived here. Surreal.

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