A Thunderbird and Contrasts

I was driving from our home in the North Country to a city 5 hours southwest of our place to visit my parents. A southerly system blew in creating high winds and high temperatures. As the cloud cover broke, the sun's rays streamed through the clouds.

The native Indians in this neck of the woods consists of the Algonquins, the Iroquois and the Hurons. They all have the thunderbird manifestation as caught by the camera. The shafts of light coming through the clouds look like eagle feathers and to the Indians, and the thunderbird god with spread wings appears in the sky. I was pleased to catch the thunderbird image with my camera.

That was yesterday. Today the mild weather in the pic has been replaced by winter again. Snow is falling as I write this. However, on Wednesday, I will be in the tropics again. The contrasts are stark. They are exemplified by the composite photograph below.

The day before I left for the north, I had my camera in my pocket and recorded the grass on my morning walk. The bottom half of the picture is the gooseberry bush in our garden outside the bay window in the kitchen of our house. It is buried in snow.

The contrasts are stark and discombobulating. However, I consider myself lucky just to be able to experience the contrasts. Old Mr. Sun hasn't shown his face a lot this Christmas season up north. It pains me to leave the fresh air and boreal forest, however, I do look forward to beach, sand and sun, and not wearing layers of bulky clothes.

The Lovely One will miss the winter. Me -- not so much.

Things that need inventing II - Hair Tightener

In my quest for a happier, more convenient lifestyle, I have need for another invention. It has to do with my hair. My hair is straight, straight, straight. When I get a haircut, it sticks straight out of my head like a brush. I try to keep it long, but I need to have it trimmed often. It grows quick.

When my hair is long, every morning I wake up with my hair standing straight up. It is like Mighty Gitchy Manitou gives me a Mohawk "do" every night:

My hair in the morning -- not exactly as illustrated

The black people in the tropical paradise that I live in, have the opposite problem. They have curly tight hair. They would prefer straight hair. They already have an invention to help them out. It is called "hair relaxer" and it makes their hair uncurly:

This is the before and after picture when using an invention such as a hair relaxer:

I need an invention to go the other way. I need my hair to be a lot more curly. Sure I could go and get a perm, but who needs the hassle and the slightly gender-bending connotations of a man with his hair in curlers.

Nope, I need the magic bullet. I want to just open a bottle, glop the stuff out on my head, and abracadabra -- presto -- curly hair. Instead of a hair relaxer, it is a hair tightener. I did some Google research and came up with this industrial strength doozie at $7.49 a bottle:

However it came with a cautionary note saying that it either creates a curly perm or baldness, and can double as paint stripper. It is nothing more than an extra powerful perm juice.

I want a magic formula that somehow changes the protein of the hair to become curly without harsh chemicals, coal tar derivatives and acids. I don't want an afro either. I just need some curls in my hair with the ease of say, spray-on cheese.

So if you are an inventor and you have a good head of hair, you might want to try and invent this stuff. But you better hurry, because it is hair today, gone tomorrow.

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Santa's Gift -- The Numerati

I got a bunch of neat stuff for Christmas. All that I wanted was a book that I saw in the airport called "the Numerati" by Stephen Baker. And Santa Claus (the Lovely One) brought it for me. It is a natural adjunct to the book "SuperCrunchers" by Ian Ayres.

The bottom line is that geeks like me now rule. I am the chief technology officer for a company that is starting to, and will generate reams and reams of data on people. We will mine the data for fun and profit.

In both books, the whole idea is to take large data sets, and extrapolate information from them that companies will pay a premium for. The interesting bit, is that we can use regression analysis and stochastics to not only spot trends but to profile buyers and sellers, and predict human behaviour in the consumer marketplace.

SuperCrunchers outlines how amassing large amounts of data can be used to predict how good a wine vintage will be or how a minor league player will fare in the major leagues. The Numerati details how this data can be used to model populations and groups and predict how they will do things like consume products or how good their work ethics are. I will combine the two approaches in my datamining.

For a long time now, I have long speculated that I could use data harvesting methods to detail the population of the tropical island nation that I live in. After reading these two books, I am inspired to put together a profile of the entire population. Combining this with their spending habits, I will have a predictive tool that I can unleash for fun and for profit. And the neat thing is that there just might be a book deal in it for me. I will start a Central Commercial Intelligence Agency and everybody on the rock will be in my database. Stay tuned.

Things that need inventing -- Self-Resetting Circuit breaker

Here is something that needs inventing -- a self resetting circuit breaker. The Lovely One and I are in the north country for Christmas. It is cold and the bathroom, because the extensive use of tiling is cold. The Lovely One converted an ordinary bathroom into a spa with bay window that looks out over the woods. On cold winter's day we need a ceramic heater to heat the tile floors. When she plugs in the big honking heater, and then starts the hair dryer, the circuit breaker blows.

That means that I have to go downstairs to the electrical panel, and find the circuit breaker, turn it off and then turn it back on. Then the idea struck me. What the world needs is a circuit breaker that turns itself on after say, two minutes. That would save a trip to the basement. You would just unplug the offending item, and wait for the breaker to kick back in.

Upon further cogitation, I expanded this idea. Suppose each plug identified itself to the breaker and the breaker would monitor the load at each plug. Then if an offending current consumer started to overload the circuit, the breaker would just send a signal to disable the errant plug. The only time that the whole circuit breaker would blow, would be in a catastrophic failure like a lightening strike or a house fire, or when all other systems failed.

I am sure that I am describing the breaker of the future, which we will see on the market in a few short years. I will race you to the patent office with this idea. Remember, you read about it here first on the Cosmological Cabbage.

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Christmas Eve 2008

This is what it looked like outside today:
I am far far away from the Caribbean. I am home for Christmas, and it feels like Christmas. There are shoppers in the street. Yesterday I went to the market and saw a one horse open sleigh. There were horse-drawn rides through the snow and I heard the silver bells. And the city sidewalks were busy sidewalks as he snow was gently falling. Carollers clad in long coats and scarves were singing on the city streets with their donation buckets out.

There was a feeling of festivity everywhere. Unlike the Caribbean, there was an embarassing cornucopia of riches in the foodstuff department, and it was reasonably priced, unlike the Caribbean as well.

I bought clementines from Morrocco, cherries and grapes from Chile, Kiwis from New Zealand, lychee nuts from the Philippines, hazelnuts from Europe, a wild boar meatpie from Canada, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. I bought pistachios and sausages from from France. We had a shortbread galette washed down with white wine from Australia and a wonderful 2003 Merlot -- a Christian Moieux from Burgundy.

We had guests over and shared an English Stilton with a wonderful Fereirra port and pears. We had a miche campagne, a wonderful loaf of artisan bread from Old Quebec. We have pate au fois gras for Christmas brunch tomorrow from Bretagne. We are going to Christmas dinner to a lovely home nestled in a boreal forest lakefront setting. We are skiing in the silent muted forests.

We are surrounded with friends, family and loved ones. We are blessed with riches. The maple and hardwood fire is crackling. The stars are out and the sky is parted by the wondrous Milky Way. The winter solstice is passed.

The air is fresh and clean. We are alive and living. It is truly a wonderful life. And on this magic night, I hearken back to the tropics with Potcake's Christmas message to all.

Our tropical itinerant street philosopher enjoins us:

  • "Potcake Says: This Sweet Christmas make Love, not War. Make a baby."

And with that sentiment, Merry Christmas and to all a good night. Be Happy.

You know that Christmas is coming when (part 2)

The pink building on the right is the House of Parliament. It is where all of the laws are enacted and the elected representatives meet. It is totally obstructed and covered with bleachers for Christmas Eve Junkanoo.

This view is the front of the House of Parliament. It has a platform for Junkanoo fans.

This is the square opposite Parliament. Again filled with bleachers.

Here is the main street. Again filled with temporary bleachers.

Junkanoo is the huge all night party of music, dance and parading in magnificent gaudy costumes. Teams compete for over $100,000 in prizes judged on their dancing, music, costumes, cowbells, whistles drums, many drums and energy. The costumes are themed from medieval to pop culture to historical.

Teams spend months practising and even practise in the dark so as not to tip off the competition. It is the equivalent of the English-speaking Caribbean Mardi Gras. The slaves were given the day off, so they celebrated with Junkanoo.

The party starts at midnight and goes all night. You can feel the beat of it in your chest as the teams go by.

Unfortunately, we will miss Junkanoo this year, as I am leaving for the North today.

Sea Food Barbeque

I was on my out to the Eastern part of the island to do my dog walking chores with Frick and Frack, the potcakes, when I impulsively steered into the dockside fish market on the East End. The market was quiet and a vendor had lobster and stone crabs.

Stone crabs have Alaska King Crab beat all to hell when it comes to taste. The meat is amazingly succulent and sweet. At our favorite restaurant on this island, they have Stone Crab Claws as an appetizer for $24 that comes with a herb mayonnaise dipping sauce. The two claws for $24 are smaller than the smallest claws on the grill in the picture.

The stony crab lives in tropical oyster flats in the sea grass at the bottom of bays. The body of the crab is small and has virtually no meat, but the claws are made for cracking oysters and grow to a huge size. In the pic, the barbeque grill is about the same length as a computer keyboard, so you can see how large the claws are. Stone Crab claws look like they have been dipped in India ink, because the top parts of the pincers are black.

The fishmonger woman who ran the stall had bags of claws and a few lobsters. The lobster was again about the size of a computer keyboard. She wanted $15 for it. The price was a steal.

When I saw the bags of stone crab, I immediately wanted them. They were $15 as well. I only had $8 in my pocket. She took my money and told me to drop by the rest when it was convenient. I gave her my business card as collateral. It was the second time that my business card came in handy. Once the Lovely One was using her credit card and the store wanted ID. We travel without ID in these islands because we don't want to lose it or get robbed. My business card served as sufficient ID.

I cooked the seafood, and had it with clarified garlic butter and a simple salad with balsalmic and olive oil dressing. It was a meal fit for a king.

The next day I dropped by to pay the fishmonger the $7 that I owed her. She was surprised to see me. She never expected me back. She said that she expected "a slow seven dollars". When people borrow money on the slow in these islands, you can pretty much kiss it goodbye.

The good news out of all of this, is now I have a supply of Stone Crab and I have a friend in the fishmonger who won't make me pay exorbitant prices. When you come to visit us in the islands, be sure to ask for a meal of Stone Crab. It is heavenly. (The lobster was delicious as usual).

Potcake Says VIII

The pic captures most elements of our Bard of the Unwashed. Potcake the Itinerant Street Philosopher is doing his things. He is feeding the pigeons. Sometimes for effect he feeds them from his hand, but now he is busy making a new sign. Also notice that he is in long pants. These are new. His red shirt is only slightly dirty around the edges as well.

His message is getting edgier:

  • "Potcake Says: The Ants have more sense an you this Christmas"

I think that he is trying to say that the ants have more sense than you this Christmas. If you look closely, there is a little illustrated picture of an ant under the 'S' in ants. He is slowly turning out illustrated signs.

For posterity's sake, here are the collected of epigrams of Potcake this far:

  • "Potcake Says: It's Christmas Time. Try to be nice."
  • "Potcake Says: You broke for Christmas too?"
  • "Potcake says: Even though you broke, keep on smiling!"
  • "Potcake Says: Not To Day."
  • "Potcake says: Everyone want to ga a tip (Money, money, Money)"
  • "Potcake says: Who gat you broke?"
  • "Potcake says: Alcohal made from Love and War (Sex and Fight)."
  • "Potcake says: Smart People Feed Dumb People"
  • "Potcake says: You were made by Sweet-talk."
  • "Potcake says: Cheap People work you for nothing."
  • "Potcake says: Who is your daddy?"
  • "Potcake says: The debil is here!"
  • "Potcake Says: I Am Mad as Hell and Not going to take it".

Jihadist For Jesus

It began innocently. I was walking Frick and Frack, Criss and Cross the potcakes, and I found a CD. I picked it up, dusted the sand off it. I laughed at the "Prophetic Breakthrough Prayer". You have to understand something about these islands. There are not many job opportunities, and starting your own church is a way to get rich. One of the Baptist preachers here flies his private jet and his church issues their own Visa card.

The people of these islands can be simple and naive when it comes to religion. The preachers here are the worst adulterers, child molesters and gay pedophiles and yet their churches are full. Recently a major hotel laid off a thousand employees and the churches were reminding their followers to tithe the full amount of their severance pay. It is that bad in these tropical islands, where a ticket to heaven can be bought by paying for the sweethearting ways of the preacher.

I popped the CD into my computer. There were two tracks. The first one was a commercial that enjoined me to buy more stuff from the prophetess. There was background music to commercial. Then I started to listen to the other track.

The female voiced told of Concentrated prayer. It would Fix everything in your life. Your answer and break-through is now. Victory! Life will never be the same! Then she started intoning the name of God and ended every sentence with a HUH!. We thank you oh God HUH! You are the Lord, HUH ! I had to turn it off after a few minutes. I checked the properties, and the prayer was 45 minutes long. I didn't have the stomach for that much bull mixed with theatrics.

I wanted to see who was doing the theatrics, so I googled the name and came upon the website.

The female minister claimed to be an internationally acclaimed Bible Preacher, Teacher, Revivalist, Prophet, Author Motivational speaker and psalmist. And to think that I thought that King David of the Bible was the last published psalmist. She probably re-worked "The Lord is My Shepherd" into "The Lord is my Marketing Plan".

But she wasn't done yet. This woman and her Bible-thumping husband ran a School of Deliverance, and they turned out Warriors and Kingdom Ambassadors, and conducted an International Prayer and Prophetic Summit. This was the venue for the sale of John the Baptist steak knives, Dead Sea Scroll Shower Curtains, and Lot's Wife Salt and Pepper sets.

The preacher couple said that they were practical teachers, into miracles signs and wonders. The penultimate was that they were anointed end time prophets, and Prophetic intercessors. At the end of the online bio of this woman, it said that she has been known to declare the Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Apparently this website was not one of those times.

Idly clicking on another link, I was shocked by the imagery. It is shown below.

There the woman is dressed in military garb, with a shotgun and Bible. She was shilling her book. We are used to seeing Islam extremists posing with weapons and the Koran, but I had never seen Christians in this kind of imagery before. All of this was to try to sell her book.

I wondered how much her book was, so I clicked on the online store. It wanted your credit card details, but no where did it tell you the price of the book. There was a blurb about Love Offering, but nowhere was there a place where you could enter an amount, or even find out what they were charging.

I looked over the other offerings. One of them was the CD that I had. Once again, there was no published price. Then it struck me. How fitting that the CD that I had was a pirated version! The Jihadist for Jesus was robbed by the pirates of the Caribbean. Ahoy matey.

Island Talk

This was a new sign that appeared at the car park. Both the author of the sign and the sign maker seem to be illiterate. The word "there" is confused with "their" and expense is spelled wrong.

Many here believe that the government in this banana republic has no interest in a literate, educated populace. Tourism forms 75% of the economy, and it behooves the powerbrokers to keep the bedmakers fat, dumb and happy.

As a consequence, the educational system is in disarray, and standardised testing shows the national average at F or D-- depending on who you ask. To top it all off, several years ago, the government sent all of the foreign teachers home, because they wanted "friendly, local" faces (meaning non-white) teaching the kids. As a result, the under-qualified local teachers couldn't speak the Queen's English, taught the patois, and most of the school children cannot speak proper English. That is why both the sign maker and it's author cannot spell (or read or write).

Many many times, I cannot even understand what the people are saying. Between rounding the vowels, and mispronouncing words, it is difficult for the foreigner to comprehend simple sentences. For example, "children" is pronounced as "chirren". "Going" is pronounced as "gern". "Mother" is "mudda".

The phrase "I am going to the store" comes out as "I gern to da sto". When the verb "is" is used, it is often used in the wrong context, such as "We is gern away". Other times, it is dropped completely or substituted with "be" .

Other language machinations are mispronounciations that have made it into the common vernacular. For instance, the word "terreckly" is understood by everybody. It means now, or shortly and is a mangled "directly", as I am coming directly. Many islanders see this way of talking as their culture. However a good majority of them, cannot recognise the grammatical mistakes of the patois, and they do not know how to speak English correctly.

We have hired an island woman as our receptionist, and I sometimes cringe at what she says when she answers the phone. I asked the COO of the company to send her to English and diction class, and he said that he would terreckly. Sigh

Island talk can be hilarious, if you didn't know that they thought that they were speaking the Queen's English. This is what an islander wrote on a public forum about his own funeral: But if I were to die at home...I wanna get fix real good and I want look SPANKADOCIOUS...I want yinna come to my funeral and wail over my body and kick off ya shoe and run round da church and try figure out who is my sweetheart and who is my outside chirrin and ting....because das all us us is wan do anyways.

BMW Dashboard Indicators

We have a nice little Beamer. I love it. So much so, that I am sold on BMW. I will continue to buy BMWs.

This Beamer of our is right hand drive. It is made for driving on the left hand side of the road like they do in the UK and on this Caribbean isle. When I leave here, I intend to have it totally restored (parts replaced) at a BMW dealership on the mainland.

I am trying to figure out what the dashboard indicators mean. I can understand the one that says ABS. I don't understand the other two. This Beamer was made for the Japanese market where they drive on the left as well and the owner's manual is completely in Japanese.

One of the lights has a caution sign with an arrow around it, and the other is a circle with dashed arcs. If anyone knows what these lights mean, please leave a comment.

Web Stuff about this blog

The above pic is a parade of ants on the parking lot wall. I thought that it would be appropriate for posting this blog entry. This entry deals with meta data of internet blogs such as this one. Here are some factoids:

The ratio of hits to visitors on this blog is 1.74. This means that I get 1.74 hits for every visitor. A majority of my visitors either read more than one entry, or are repeat visitors.

Google accounts for 90% of the search engine hits. Yahoo is next with 8%. AOL is a distant third and the others are also rans.

Visitors from the United States account for 75% of the traffic on this blog.

Here is a partial list of search terms that brought visitors to this blog in the past week (Wedding reception at McDonald's is still the big winner and accounts for over 50% of my traffic) :

  • black bull breeding white wife (this was from Japan, and I don't understand it)
  • caines sex girls (I don't understand this either)
  • Bermuda pepper
  • surrealism pepper (is this like a magic mushroom?)
  • sinus inflammation snorkeling
  • ghetto wedding
  • a list of things found in the ocean
  • roasted peanut vendor
  • Wedding Reception at McDonalds
  • fibonacci basket weaving
  • how much money does cabbage
  • make to calculate how much hit for a site
  • vintage cars blogs
  • RegistryValueKind.MultiString
  • what is WINAPI wmain "
  • hits calculator"
  • NETCFv35.Messages.EN.wm.cab
  • grand turk hospital construction
  • moths of the caribbean
  • LORD VISHNU ship
  • google hit return equation
  • haitian marriage legal in u.s.
  • fibonacci in peanut
  • Networking.GetAdapters()
  • C# pda
  • EAPPArameters
  • wince masterkey clear
  • ghetto weddings
  • how to calculate future business revenue
  • marriage certificate haiti
  • SDIO8686
  • c# check if host is alive
  • cabbage golden section
  • moth
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  • how to calculate day in my page
  • accidental discovery of chocolate chip cookies
  • "discrete-time random process" wikipedia
  • ghetto weddings in mcdonalds
  • how to calculate hits of a website
  • sdio8686configure
  • penicillin
  • cabbage history
  • soursop for stomach ailments
  • opennetcf ConnectionsNetworkCount
  • how do u calculate the number of page views / hits of your web site
  • social insight
  • coleslaw
  • german kohl
  • sdio8686Parms
  • windows ce ping c#
  • cosmological cabbage blog
  • dataint
  • mangos
  • viagra accidental discovery
  • things that was accidental discovery
  • can ants kills a poinciana tree
  • money moth
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  • basket weave fibonacci
  • td jakes elected barack obama nov
  • reception mcdonalds
  • pirates of the caribbean
  • how many hits
  • cosmological cabbage
  • which formula used in future revenue calculation
  • "home of johnny depp"
  • married at a notary in haiti, port au prince
I think that these little bits of data that I publish are like data twitter (if you don't know what Twitter is, go to twitter.com). Data Twitter just begs coining a new word like dwitter, or twittata or something like that.

Potcake Says VII

It seems that Potcake, our itinerant street philosopher has finally gotten into the Christmas spirit. His message on his mobile place of business, er ... shopping cart today is:

  • "Potcake Says: It's Christmas Time. Try to be nice."

This was a contrast from a couple of days ago, where he said:

  • "Potcake Says: You broke for Christmas too?"

Here are the collected epigrams of Potcake to date:

  • "Potcake says: Even though you broke, keep on smiling!"
  • "Potcake Says: Not To Day.
  • "Potcake says: Everyone want to ga a tip (Money, money, Money)"
  • "Potcake says: Who gat you broke?"
  • "Potcake says: Alcohal made from Love and War (Sex and Fight)."
  • "Potcake says: Smart People Feed Dumb People"
  • "Potcake says: You were made by Sweet-talk."
  • "Potcake says: Cheap People work you for nothing."
  • "Potcake says: Who is your daddy?"
  • "Potcake says: The debil is here!"
  • "Potcake Says: I Am Mad as Hell and Not going to take it".

Potcakes on the Beach

I have written about these two rescue potcakes on this blog before:

They are Criss and Cross, or as the Lovely One and I call them, Frick and Frack. Criss is the one one on the left, a dominant female, and her litter-mate is the male on the right Cross. These are two very different looking wild rescue dogs from the same litter.

I came across a very coherent description of potcakes from a website dedicated to rescuing them. The URL is:


and here is an excerpt from that site describing potcakes:

A "potcake" is the Bahamian term for the thick, congealed food that remains in the bottom of a pot of peas and rice after several reheatings. Traditionally, Bahamians feed potcake to the outdoor, indigenous dogs that freely populate the Bahamas. Hence the dogs have come to be known as Potcakes, with a capital P.

Although officially considered mixed breed dogs, Potcakes are recognized as a breeded dog in The Bahamas. They have distinct characteristics that include everything from size and coat to temperament and genetically-imprinted behavior patterns. This is because, until very recently, all island dogs shared the same isolated gene pool. If for no other reason – and there are many, many other reasons as well – this makes the Potcake an extremely unique species of canine.

Depending on what genes are available on any Bahamian island, Potcakes strongly resemble each other. Some island's Potcakes look more like the typical "pariah dog" found in locales such as India and North Africa. Elsewhere, their lines hint at hound, mastiff, spaniel, terrier or retriever ancestors.

Some believe the original Potcakes came to the Bahamas with the Arawak Indians from Central or South America. If so, Potcakes are as close to nature's perfect genotype dog as possible. More recently, in the days of Tall Ships, The Bahamas Islands played a major role in maritime commerce. Early terrier breeds, carried aboard ship to keep provisions safe from rats and mice, probably ended up as shore dogs in places such as Eleuthera, New Providence and Abaco. Add to this genetic soup the distinctive (and still existent) North Carolina dog, who came -- primarily to Abaco -- with Loyalist Tories who settled during the Revolutionary War, and you have the basic ingredients of a modern-day Potcake.

As a general rule of thumb, Potcakes have smooth, short fur with little or no undercoat, cocked ears, a hound-like rib cage and long terrier-shaped faces. More rare are shaggy or rough coat Potcakes but they do occur naturally. While the "typical" Potcake is brown, colors range from party to black, white, cream, yellow and red. Adults stand about 24 inches high at the shoulder. Normal adult weight in the bush is about 25 pounds. Healthy, homed Potcakes can weigh anywhere from 30 to 45 pounds, depending on bone structure. Puppies tend to resemble a cross between a Chihuahua and a Labrador but don't let that fool you. Permanent characteristics begin to appear at about 3 months.

A Potcake's general physical description calls for a dog genetically engineered to tolerate heat, long term physical stress, extreme competition for food and low protein diet; it's a marginal existence at best. Yet, this is how Potcakes live and survive in their natural, compromised environment.

For roaming street dogs, these qualities provide necessary survival skills. In a companion animal, they comprise the "traits of the breed." Given half a chance, Potcakes are highly intelligent, fiercely loyal and enthusiastic companions.

Potcakes are best suited to people who not only understand but also conscientiously practice positive reinforcement training techniques. House training can begin as young as 8 weeks old; paper training and the desire not to soil their nest seems almost instinctual in Potcakes. Caloric intake should be monitored; not only is obesity generally considered unhealthy, it also places undue strain on a Potcake's natural skeletal structure. Socialization – with other companion animals as well as a wide variety of people and situations – should be initiated immediately and continued at least until the dog has reached maturity at about 10 to 12 months.

Because Potcakes have "roaming in their blood" they need to be safely contained within a fenced yard or on-leash. If given an opportunity, Potcakes, like border collies, have a strong tendency to wander off or run. Born with an innate drive to survive at all costs, Potcakes need to learn, through positive reinforce and gentle correction, that they are a member of your pack; otherwise they believe in the axiom: lead, follow or get out of the way!

They adapt rapidly to cold weather exercise but prefer to be house dogs. They are determined garbage and (ugh!) kitty litter box pickers; don't blame them – it's in their genes. And, because they have a strong sense of territory and loyalty, they are nature's answer to the mechanical door bell; no one will ever walk across the threshold without your Potcake announcing his arrival. You and your Potcake live in shared territory.

Potcakes are an excellent choice for someone who wants to share their life with an extremely intelligent, quick witted and bonded companion. They are beautifully graceful runners, intuitively empathetic, and the right match for someone desiring a long-term, interactive relationship with another intelligent species.

Are they perfect dogs? No. Are they for everyone? No, again. They expect you to show leadership qualities and are unhappy and confused by people who presume a puppy will raise itself. Households that endorse egalitarian rules (where everyone has equal say) may want to consider adopting an animal whose genetic temperament oozes docility, such as a Golden Retriever or a Black Lab cross. Potcakes, ultimately, will always agree with someone they love and trust. But the smartest ones insist on knowing "why" first.

Cartomancy -- or my found Poker Hand

I was walking home from work yesterday, and there was a playing card on the grass by the sidewalk. A few steps away, there was another one. From that point to the bridge over the harbour, there were a total of five playing cards. This was a poker hand.

I noticed that all of the cards had a hole punched in them. (See the blue arrows pointing to the visible holes.) This is an indication that they are casino discards. When casinos get rid of cards, they punch a hole in them so that no one could palm cards and cheat to improve their hand at blackjack. Obviously a croupier brought them home and someone had fun pitching them out the car window.

I brought them home, and googled the cards. It was then that I found out that people use playing cards to tell the future. It is called cartomancy. I looked up what my found cards meant. Here is the explanation according to cartomancy:

Ace of Diamonds- A ring or present of jewelry. News about money. A letter.

2 of Diamonds- A love affair attracting disapproval from others. A business partnership.

3 of Hearts- You need to be cautious. Don't say something you'll regret

5 Hearts- Jealous people around you. Take your time to make any decisions.

Ace Spades- A difficult love affair. Emotional conflict, obsession, death. Things coming to a head.

So if I put it all together, it looks like I will go into business with woman to make money. It will create disapproval, and I say something that I will regret. Immediately jealous people begin to diss me and I make a rash decision. This causes emotional conflict with my new business partner and things come to a head, and I end up in the same place where I was. Or .....

I have a winning poker hand -- a pair of Aces.

It's beginning to look a lot like ??

Whenever I hear Christmas carols in the tropics, I think that I am on one big giant movie set. I have seen films from California with Christmas and palm trees and green vegetation. It is hilarious to hear "Let it Snow" or "Silver Bells" or "White Christmas".

Christmas trees are something else. The really really good fresh ones from Canada can go for as much as $500. You can get a good real tree for about $120 and a mediocre one for about $80.

Yesterday I was driving down the main drag and saw the Christmas decorations up. The spotlight above the decoration reminded me of another Christmas tradition here in the tropics that we don't get up north. It is Junkanoo. Everyone is in brilliant colourful costumes with music, dancing, whistles, cowbells etc. It is a slave tradition celebrating a holiday, much like Mardi Gras, except celebrated at Christmas.

For Northerners like me, Junkanoo is for the tropics, and Sleighbells in the Snow is for the North. Luckily this year, I will be home for the holidays.

My Labels

The pic is of a boy fishing in a canal. The text below is my entire collection of blog labels. (This ought to be interesting to see what kind of blog hits that this entry gets. Everything is an experiment, but this is a real eye-glazer for most readers.)

All Labels:
$5 cheeseburger 177 passengers 21 year old Glenlivet 40 miles per hour 5 in nature abiaba absentee fathers accidental discovery achelate crustaceans ackees adrenaline rush aguay air conditioning rules air jordan airline stewardess airplane wreck algorithm All Blue Alternative enery amateur paparazzi amazing pattern ammunition Amnesty International Annona muricata Annona reticulata anti-money laundering antique shop ants Apostles apple pie fruit aptitude test Arabian sheik Arawak Indians archaic penal system Art Linkletter Art Linkletter Encyclopedia arugula ascalapa odorata ascorbic acid Ashes to Ashes Attractive autographed golf ball Autumn Glory Avocado pear Avogadro's number Baby Blue back to normal backwater backyard poison Bad Eye puns Bad Haircut bag of peanuts balcony banana daiquiri banana flower banana leaf banana republic barbados cherry barnacle BBQ ashes Beach Club beachcombing Beamer Bear Stearns Beautiful Woman Bedouin SoundClash Beebok Beetle Genocide bermuda triangle Biblical Chicken Big Guy biological random number generator biological weapons bird bath bird mascots bird pepper bird prosthetics birds with one leg birdwatching Black Witch blog ranking bloom county Blue Boy Blue Girl Bluetooth Blumont Capital BMW boats in the harbour Bob bohio boogie board book ship boreal forest Boris Kodjoe bouganvillea Boy Scouts brackish water Brain Candy Brain Coral Brandi Chastain brandi with shirt on breathing bad breath Breeding Rabbits Brenda bridge BSC bull's heart Burning Armpits burning calories bus bus system Buses busiest day internet busiest time of day internet by sea C# C# Source Code C# using network changed c++ cabbage paw Caddy Caimito cainito Callaway candlelight cankles cannons Cape Verde Hurricane capital punishment capitalism car carrier Caribbean caribbean cruise Caribbean squeegee punks Caribbean Viagra Carnival Cruise Lines cash by cell phone castor oil plant cat food cat on a hot car hood Cat Poop cat-o-nine tails catamaran Category 4 hurricane Caustic Soda cay celebrities that I have met celebrity pictures Central America central Bank Central Bank Governor changing seasons charity bazaar cheap check if server is alive check to see if server is up C# checking to see if WiFi wireless is connected Cheeseburger in paradise chewing gum Chief Technical Officer Chili Cheese Fries Chinese copying products Chinese Government Hacking chiton chocolate chip cookies Christmas Christopher Columbus Chrysophyllum cainito Church raffle Ciguatera citrus acid trip Clean Boot Clean Registry Clear and Reset Registry clip art cloning Clorox Bleach CMYK subtractive color cockroach cockroach trap coconut pickled in rum Coconut Water Coincidence cold winds cold winter Cole's Law collectible card collecting indigenous art color of the sun color wheel colorful doorways coming winter common ancestor compact ping utility Conch Connect Four connecting ssid C# Consanguinity cooling off copra coral reef coral tool corporeal mechanics of psychology corroded nickel corruption Cosmology cottage weather Cotton Tree Crappy white stuff crawfish crawling icons crayfish cream pulp credit card Creole cricket club crime criminal justice system criss cross cruelty to animals cruise ships Cruisin in Paradise Crystal Seas cuban orange culmination of effort Cultural Change Culture custard-apple cutlass Danny DeVito Daredevle Data Data Organization day in court day-o Days End Deathwatch beetles Decapoda Reptantia Deep Fried Lizard Fingers delicacy deodorant destroyed homes devastation Development resistance diesel generator digital video dillies discrete-time stochastic process dissolve chewing gum Do you want fries with that? dog meat dog meat general Dogfish Shark dogs door dents Dr. Seuss dreadlocks Drew Brees Drive-thru drupes Dunlop duppy bat Dust to Dust dysfunctional e-wallet easy method eat fruit every day Eating dogs Eats Bugs or little lizards eBay economic disadvantage economic downturn Edible lizards edible shellfish 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My Life as a Roach Trapper

In a previous blog entry, I detailed an excellent roach trap: http://cosmologicalcabbage.blogspot.com/2008/11/surefire-cockroach-trap.html

It used the catfood bowl surrounded by a moat (a bigger bowl filled with water and dish soap) to keep the ants out. The roaches would try to breach the moat and drown. A friend of mine told me about his positive experiences in Austin Texas with the Las Vegas Roach Trap. You can read the wikipedia entry about it here:


It is a simple device consisting of a glass jar filled with some water and coffee grounds. It is pictured above. I put a piece of coral near the lip to give the roaches a bridge into La Coffee Tar Pits where they would meet their perdition in a sea of coffee grounds.

After a week, I checked it out, and all that happened was that a beetle picked it as a venue to commit suicide. No roaches. However there were roaches everywhere in the neighbourhood. They were near the barbeque and hiding under my flippers and snorkel which was right next to door to Vegas Roach Trap.

Sadly, I came to the conclusion that the Vegas Roach Trap did not work in the tropics. Tropical cockroaches apparently do not like coffee. Or, maybe they do not like espresso. I used espresso coffee grounds. Whatever the reason, the Vegas Roach Trap was a crapshoot, and I crapped out.

Update: To see all of my posts on roach trapping, please click here:

Potcake Says VI

Today, Potcake was leisurely lolling on the stone fence of St. Matthew's Anglican Church. Even though our intrepid street philosopher's sign is hidden by the plastic bags on his shopping cart/mobile place of business, I was able to read it going by. Today his words of wisdom were:

  • "Potcake says: Even though you broke, keep on smiling!"

Here are the collected published epigrams of Potcake thus far:

  • "Potcake Says: Not To Day.

  • "Potcake says: Everyone want to ga a tip (Money, money, Money)"

  • "Potcake says: Who gat you broke?"

  • "Potcake says: Alcohal made from Love and War (Sex and Fight)."

  • "Potcake says: Smart People Feed Dumb People"

  • "Potcake says: You were made by Sweet-talk."

  • "Potcake says: Cheap People work you for nothing."

  • "Potcake says: Who is your daddy?"

  • "Potcake says: The debil is here!"

  • "Potcake Says: I Am Mad as Hell and Not going to take it".

Data Organization -- It Slices -- It Dices

If I ever get the time, I want to play. I have a number of pet projects. One of them is to develop crawling icons for you computer desktop. These icons would actually travel around your desktop, and they would be animated. Not only would they be mobile, but they would have content as well. You put your cursor on the icon, it magnifies itself, and you can spin it like an iPhone to see what that icon represents. (I will race you to the patent office on this one).

Another idea that I have is a picture analyser coupled to a google search engine type of thingie. Here is the way it works. Suppose that I have a picture of the Taj Mahal, but I forget it's name. Or I see a pic of the Stone Temple Pilots and want other pics. So I put a pic into the search engine as the search term. The picture search engine analyzes the picture, and compares it to a library of analyzed pictures on the web.

The last pet project that I have, is data organizer. I am fascinated with the problem of organizing vast amounts of data and linking the data together to form coherent knowledge. It has long been my belief that knowledge is nothing but the integration of facts. There can probably be some sort of formula like the integration/differentiation formulae in calculus. In this vein, I was looking at the memes in the above pic. How would my picture analyzer deal with this pic. The signboard is a mechanical integrator, bringing together $99 suits and Repentence. The knowledge that is integrated from this pic is "Forgive me for wearing a $99 suit!".

This line of thinking was further enhanced when I did my perusal of CNN this morning. Apparently Honda is withdrawing from Formula racing. I looked at the URL, and it was revealing how CNN organizes their data:


The hierarchy progresses like this:

TOP > YEAR > TOPIC > Month > Day > What specific (details)

This data organization is like a tree, based on the time and topic domains.

My data organizer will be a little different. It will start with the 5 W's.
  • What
  • Why
  • When
  • Where
  • Who

The way that CNN arranges their data is When(year) > What > When(month) > When(day) > (Who, Where, What, Why). It is obvious that the strong emphasis on their data slicing and dicing is the time domain.

The Cosmological Cabbage Data Organizer is still in its embryonic stage, but it is a little different.
The When category is broken down into a series of eight. We have the Absolute Whens which is:
  • Second
  • Minute
  • Hour
  • Day
  • Month
  • Week
  • Year
  • Century
Then we have the Relative Whens (again 8 topics):
  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • This Week
  • Last Week
  • This Month
  • Last Month
  • This Year
  • Last Year

Anything that doesn't fit into the Relative Whens, gets chucked into the Absolute Whens.

The What is the next category under the microscope. What can be a Person, Place or Thing. We already deal with Persons under Who, so that leaves just two categories under What -- Place or Thing. Thing can be broken down into Animal, Vegetable or Mineral. Who can be broken down into Male or Female, Living or Dead. Where can be broken down into Universe, Solar System, Planet, Continent, etc.

Then it struck me. I was trying to invent a system who's algorithm has been known for a century or so. Even kids know it. It is a game called "Twenty Questions" where you have to identify what the other person is thinking of with only twenty questions. Now I have some coding to do. I will tell you why in a later post.

Nothing Happened Here

The Lovely One and I were out on Sunday drive, when we stopped in at this place called Traveller's Rest. It is a restaurant and a souvenir shop and a neat place with the beach across the street.

There was a historical marker on the grounds and I snapped a picture of it. Today it represents the kind of day that I am having.

What the birdwatcher said

A bit of humor for you today.

What were the two birdwatching ladies saying to each other?

I took the liberty of captioning the pic.


What is the impact of the American economic slowdown? How bad is the economic recession? What is the impact? Atlantis, a major employer laid off 1,500 workers from their hotel complex on this island. They are down from 9,500 to 8,000. Tourism forms 75% of the economy here, and tourist arrivals have fallen from 5 million three years ago to less than 4 million this year.

The economy is monolithic. Many people are out of work. The government projects $150 million in revenue shortfalls, which is huge for this country. The only tiny glimmer of hope, is that WestJet, a Canadian carrier has added direct flights from Ottawa, the Canadian capital to the Caribbean. They would not do this if the numbers did not warrant it.

The net result is that crime is up. It even affects us. The Lovely One was out with the Beamer, and someone stole the grille from the front. I had the BMW in for repairs and someone gained access and tried to steal the radio, even through the front panel was removed because of that eventuality.

It doesn't look good for this island nation. Most of the tourists come from the US. The only saving grace is that it is still relatively safe to come here, compared to going to exotic places like Bali, Thailand or Mumbai, where Islamic militants are conducting warfare on American tourists.

The real impact on our lives will not be known, but we hope that it will be short-lived.

Potcake Says V

Our intrepid street philosopher known as "Potcake" has his words of wisdom for today.

  • Potcake Says: Not To Day

I presume that he means "Not Today". It's exactly the way that I feel -- not today. It is a Monday, the beginning of December. I am busy as heck and a jillion things are happening. Whatever is coming down, please not today.

Without further ado, here is the collected epigrams of Potcake:
  • "Potcake says: Everyone want to ga a tip (Money, money, Money)"
  • "Potcake says: Who gat you broke?"
  • "Potcake says: Alcohal made from Love and War (Sex and Fight)."
  • "Potcake says: Smart People Feed Dumb People"
  • "Potcake says: You were made by Sweet-talk."
  • "Potcake says: Cheap People work you for nothing."
  • "Potcake says: Who is your daddy?"
  • "Potcake says: The debil is here!"
  • "Potcake Says: I Am Mad as Hell and Not going to take it".

Rasta Head Shoppe -- Source Code

This rasta has a shop on one of the main streets of this tropical burg. I have no idea what the shop sells. But what it will be selling today, on this blog, is some C++ source code. A different kind of head shop.

Suppose that you have an IPAQ PDA, running WinCE 6.0. And under the start menu, you have all kinds of crap in the Recent Programs section. On our application, we must keep this clean. How do I do it? I have a simple program called saniTize which cleans out the registry values where these entries are stored. I compile the program, and put a shortcut to it in the Windows/StartUp folder and it executes everytime the PDA is started up.

Just fire up you C++ development environment and use the wizard to make a console application. Plug in the following source code (I call it sanitize.cpp), build the project and you are done.

// saniTize.cpp : Defines the entry point for the console application.


int WINAPI wmain (HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, LPTSTR szCmdLine, int iCmdShow)

HKEY Software,Microsoft,Shell,TaskSwitch,tmp;

RegOpenKeyEx(HKEY_CURRENT_USER, L"Software", 0, KEY_ALL_ACCESS, &Software);

RegOpenKeyEx(Software, L"Microsoft", 0, KEY_ALL_ACCESS, &Microsoft);

RegOpenKeyEx(Microsoft, L"Shell", 0, KEY_ALL_ACCESS, &Shell);

RegOpenKeyEx(Shell, L"TaskSwitch", 0, KEY_ALL_ACCESS, &TaskSwitch);

RegDeleteValue(TaskSwitch, L"0");

RegDeleteValue(TaskSwitch, L"1");

RegDeleteValue(TaskSwitch, L"2");

RegDeleteValue(TaskSwitch, L"3");

RegDeleteValue(TaskSwitch, L"4");

RegDeleteValue(TaskSwitch, L"5");

RegDeleteValue(TaskSwitch, L"6");

RegDeleteValue(TaskSwitch, L"7");

RegDeleteValue(TaskSwitch, L"8");

RegDeleteValue(TaskSwitch, L"9");

RegDeleteValue(TaskSwitch, L"10");

RegDeleteValue(TaskSwitch, L"11");

return 0;