Surefire Cockroach Trap

OK, I have discovered a surefire cockroach trap. Up north we never had cockroaches. Here they live outside. Thank God that they haven't gotten into the house yet -- the Lovely One would freak out, pack her bags and move back home within the hour.

But the roaches do hang out on the patio. When I get the hose out to water my garbage garden, including my new pineapple plants, the roaches scurry from the water deluge. Once I threw a guy's BBQ party for our company, and after the food was eaten, we sat around chewing the fat and the cockroaches appeared. We started a stomp-a-thon. It wasn't a pretty sight.

The cockroaches are drawn by the catfood that we leave out for the feral cats. We used to leave the bowl out, and the ants would invade the food. We put the food bowl in another bowl of water, and this helped somewhat. But the clever ants would drag up debris and build bridges. I got the bright idea of squirting in a generous amount of dish soap. This would break up the surface tension and the bridges that ants would build would fly apart when they stepped on them. It worked like a charm.

The secret is the generous (and I mean generous) squirt of dish soap. It keeps the ants out, but it also is the perfect cockroach killer. The roaches are attracted by scent of the food. Under normal circumstances, the moat of water wouldn't pose a threat either. They would just swim across to the food. However the soap causes them to sink, and die within a few seconds. It is amazing at how fast it works. Without the soap, they just leisurely swim over.

I could race you to the patent office on this one. I think that I could commercialize the design that I have. However, on second thought, I will leave it published here, and that will be my gift to humanity. This invention, I will call the Cosmological Cabbage Sure-fire Roach trap. It is yours for free. You are welcome.

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