The Starbucks Sparrow -- aka One-Legged Starbucks Sparrow

The Lovely One is up north again. I woke up this fine Sunday in Paradise and decided that I needed coffee. The can of Red Bull that I had for breakfast satisfied the caffeine urge, but I wanted a real morning coffee. So I walked down to Marina Village and had a Starbucks coffee.

The ambiance was superb. I sat at the cafe table in the shade of the palm trees looking over the marina with the super yachts, watching a crew put a tender about the second story of the yacht (tomorrow's blog entry). The muzak was playing a steel drums instrumental of "No Woman No Cry" and my world was wonderful and unfolding as it should. It was great to be alive and in Paradise.

Then I noticed the sparrows. They were eating the muffin crumbs and such from the early morning diners at Starbucks. They were bold as brass and cute. One of them caught my eye. He had only one leg. I had see this phenomenon in sea gulls, but never in sparrows. There are so many seagulls with one leg, that at one time, I considered a career in bird prosthetics.

This sparrow was amazing. He alighted on my table and looked me over. Then with a "By your Leave", he hopped aroung the table. I saw some fascinating behaviour. There were grains of sugar spilled on the surface of the table. This sparrow went and ate them all, one by one. I had just seen my first sparrow sugar addict. He was a one-legged sugar addict at that. There was also a rim of water from a glass, and he took a drink of the water, and perched on the chair back next to me, where I snapped this pic of him.

Now I'm thinking that if I were Starbucks, I would make this one legged bird the official mascot of Starbucks. It would be just like that fat guy Jared becoming the mascot of Subway sandwiches. And just like any celebrity, this bird would have to go into rehab to get himself cured of his sugar addiction.

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