President Barack Obama

This tropical paradise has over 325,000 people and 90% of them are Black. The election of Barack Obama as 44th President of the United States has profoundly affected Black people in a significant way. Barack Obama is the hope incarnate of the dreams and schemes of Black people, and the final proof of racial equality after so many years.

The most popular online forum in this tropical country has been buzzing for weeks. The pic above is a screen shot of what the postings looked like, right after Obama's speech. People in this country were nervous as election day approached. They were fearful that perhaps somehow, their role model and hero would not be elected president. Almost every top thread tonight is about the election.

The "Yes We Can" thread is a poorly spelled testimony of personal inspiration. "Poor Hillery", bad spelling and all, laments how Hillary Clinton will never be president. The November 04 thread defines the proper etiquette of not rubbing McCain supporter's noses in the dirt. Another thread speculates on what the main message of Tomorrow's News will be. Will the focus be Black Man elected? Histerostisty is what some broadcast preacher named TD Jakes accidentally coined this night in an ironic Bushism. The No More Excuses thread states that Blacks no longer have excuses. If a Black Man can rise to the presidency, then any Black can rise to any occasion.

Tonight was a milestone moment in the history of the United States of America. My only regret is that I missed out on a chance to take a flight in a private jet to Florida to attend Obama's last big rally before the election. That would have been something to tell the grand kids about.

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