Pounding the Biblical Chicken

We went around visiting the KFCs around the island. Kentucky Fried Chicken is going to be a merchant for our money card. We were looking at the set up to see where our equipment would be installed.

I made an amazing discovery in these tropical islands. First and foremost, for every person standing in line, there were three at the drive thru. How does a mother call her children to dinner in these tropical islands? She shouts "OK kids, get in the car!".

The second thing that I found at the drive thru, was the ubiquitous Bible (see pictured above). A busy drive thru was the last place that I would expect to find a Bible. Maybe it increases sales -- lots of prophet?

I wonder if it makes the chicken more heavenly? Does it make it more finger-licking good? They could do the same by cooking the hell out of it!

Does she ask the customer "Do you want a side of fries cooked in psalm oil with that?" Or maybe it makes the 11 secret herbs and spices taste more heavenly? Do they serve wings only to the righteous? No thighs or breasts? Do they give out extra Lot's wife with the fries -- a pillar of salt? (Actually when someone hits the post at the drive thru, they call it a Lot's wife as well -- a pillar assault!).

Of course, it had to be at the drive-thru because in the Bible, it says that the apostles were all in one Accord -- a Honda Accord. And Adam and Eve show up regularly as well. In between telling their kids Cain and Abel in the back seat to shut up, Adam is still grumbling that Eve ate them out of house and home. King David also frequents the drive-thru on his motorcycle. His Triumph is heard throughout the land.

But chicken wasn't the first meat mentioned in the Bible. It says that Noah took Ham into the ark before the chickens. And you have the ancient biblical law that you cannot eat any meat without cabbage. It was a religious law handed down by the ancient Celtish king and became known as Cole's Law.

I swear that this is all true, and I will swear it on a stack of Bibles, ....... and a bucket of chicken.

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