Potcake Says III

Today's "Potcake Says" is both ironic and somewhat cryptic. Potcake is the street philosopher who posts epigrams on his mobile business (shopping cart) in this tropical paradise.

The irony of the scene is the direction to "Paradise Island". The last thing that you see before turning off to Paradise is Potcake.

The message today is somewhat cryptic. It says:

  • Potcake Says: Alcohal made from Love and War (Sex and Fight).

I think that what he is trying to say is that alcohol has the essence of both sex and fighting, love and war within it. Drink and one of the two comes out.

Here is the canonical list of previous Potcake Says epigrams:

  • "Potcake says: Smart People Feed Dumb People"
  • "Potcake says: You were made by Sweet-talk."
  • "Potcake says Cheap People work you for nothing."
  • "Potcake Says: I Am Mad as Hell and Not going to take it".
Simon and Garfunkel said that the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls. In this town, they are written on the stolen shopping carts.

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DJ Kirkby said...

Hello. Who is potcake? Great sayings from that person! Love the photo on your blog header. Thank you for visiting my bench blog, my main blog is Chez Aspie.