More Celebrities that I have met

I have met an impressive list of celebrities here in the tropical island playground of the rich and the famous. Guys like Mike Jenkins of the Atlanta Falcons, I met standing in the casino. Others I met by being an official scorer at an ESPN event on the golf course at Golf Ball beach. I have met others by caddying at the Celebrity Pro Am. One of the nicest guys that I have met is Joe Morgan (below):

He is a baseball Hall of Famer, and an ESPN commentator. Another nice guy is the quarterback of the New Orleans Saints Drew Brees (pictured below in the background).

I have detailed my encounters with Kid Rock and Michael Jordan. What I present today, is a partial listing of the celebrities that I have encountered while here in the tropics:

  • Vince Coleman -- Cardinals ex-Baseballer
  • Mike Jenkins - Falcons Wide Receiver
  • Dan Jansen - Gold Medal US Speedskater
  • Ahmad Rashad - Sportscaster
  • Jimmy Rollins - Shortstop Phillies
  • Ozzie Smith - Baseball Hall of Famer
  • Charles Oakley - Basketball player with Bulls, Knicks, Raptors, Wizards and Rockets
  • Julius Irving -- Doctor J - Hall of Fame Basketballer
  • James Pickens Jr. - actor X-Files
  • Richard Dent - ex-defensive end Chicago Bears
  • Paul O'Neill - ex-Baseballer Yankees, and broadcaster
  • Albert Pujols - Baseballer Cardinals
  • John McEnroe - Tennis bad boy
  • Flex Alexander - actor comedian
  • Lawrence Taylor - Hall of Fame Footballer
  • Mike Piazza - catcher Oakland A's
  • Barry Sanders -ex running back Detroit Lions
  • Eric Dickerson - one of the greatest running backs in NFL history
  • Grant Show - Melrose Place actor
  • Phil Gordon - Champion Poker Player
  • Marcus Allen - ex Champion Footballer, Raiders and Chiefs
  • Ken Griffey Jr. - Major League center fielder
  • Mario Lemieux - NHL Hockey Legend Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Kenny Lofton - Major League Baseball outfielder
  • Stuart Scott - ESPN Sportscaster
  • Jason Taylor - Defensive End -- Redskins
  • Angie Everhart - Gorgeous super model and actress
  • Dennis Haysbert - film and television actor, the voice of Allstate
  • Adrian Young --drummer for the rock band No Doubt
  • Stone Phillips - NBC Television personality
  • Dre Bly -Cornerback for the Denver Broncos
  • Andruw Jones - centerfielder Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Boris Kodjoe - Supermodel and actor
  • Chris Dolman - Martial Arts Champion

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