Hurricane Paloma

Crap !!! Here we go again. I just polished off all of the hurricane supplies in the cupboard, and along comes Paloma. I thought for sure that after Faye, Gustave, Ike, and Hanna that we were all through with this crap. The old geezers say that this is a Cape Verde Hurricane. Hurricane Michelle was a similar storm a few years back and it was a bad one. It formed off the Yucatan peninsula.

Grand Cayman looks like it is in the sights of Paloma, and after Cuba, we are next. After Ike had hit Grand Turk, and then there was no significant storm activity, I figured that we were done for the season. I was a bit hungry and looking for a snack, and I realised that there was all sorts of granola bars in our hurricane supplies. A couple of days later, there were no granola bars left. I then wiped out the Ramen noodles next. Since the Lovely One is away up north, I haven't been doing cooking or shopping, so the canned goods went next.

If Paloma turns out to be a hurricane, and the electricity and water goes off for a few days or a week in this tropical paradise, I am screwed. I would hate to buy all new supplies and have them sit for a year, so I am kind of torn on this one. If the storm strengthens, I might chicken out and replenish the supplies. They always come in handy when you have the munchies and are looking for ready snacks.

The economic depression around these parts is bad enough, but when you add a tropical depression to the mix as well, it really blows.

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Anonymous said...

way to eat away your "life-savings"

(thanks for the witty "that blows" comment as well, it gave Beck and I a good laugh!)