Frog In House, Omens and Cabbage Paw

Sunrise. A new dawn. A new day. This morning, I was sipping on my coffee and I hear a scream from the Lovely One. Thinking that somehow a cockroach or something got into the house, I went to the ensuite bathroom where she was. A frog had gotten into the house. I got a plastic bag, trapped the frog and released him outside.

The Lovely One is superstitious. I looked up what omens frogs bring and I was pleasantly surprised. Here is a gleaning of what I got from my friend Google:

  • Frogs represent transformation of the positive kind
  • a positive omen in all ways
  • Whether you saw them, held them, heard them, or ate them, they signify happiness, success in your profession, and true friends
  • Frogs represent good luck
  • Frogs represent forward movement, since they cannot move backward
I know that it is bad luck to be superstitious, but finding a frog in the house was certainly something out of the ordinary.
Things out of the ordinary fascinate me. One of those is weird search engine results that bring visitors to my blog. One of the enigmatic terms that brings visitors to the blog is "cabbage paw". The reason that this is interesting is that apparently there is no such thing, or record of such a thing on the internet, and yet people from all over the world google the term.
When you enter the term into Google, my blog comes up as the most relevant search. It is the story about the cat paws on the walls where they boost themselves up on the Beamer. I don't think that this is what they meant. I am intrigued when in all of the billions of pages on the internet, there is no information on a search term that comes to my blog from North America and Europe.
I decided to investigate. Unfortunately my prime investigative tool is Google, and Google has no information on it. My imagination ran wild. At first I thought that it was a veterinary complaint. An animal would get a disease of the paw, and the paw would deform into a cabbage shape. This would indeed be a rare complaint, and documented, but this was not the case.
I got my first inkling of what it might be, when I tried my favourite Google trick to enhance search results. I changed it from singular to plural. I googled "cabbage paws" and got two entries. One was a total loss, and the other was an expired web page. Although I couldn't access the page, it seemed to give a recipe for corned beef and rice stuffed into cabbage leaves, called "cabbage paws". This was presumably because they are shaped like an animal paw after stuffing.
This is the closest that I can get to solving the mystery of the Cabbage Paw. Anyone else with alternate theories or information is invited to leave a comment.
Update: I have solved the cabbage paw mystery. Please click here:

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Anonymous said...

Afterfinding a frog in my house (2 within the same week!), I sent this email to friends and family:

Ok, friends & family...I have to share this because it is TOO odd!

Last week, Steve got in the shower and yelled for me to come to the bathroom. There was a little, green frog on the inside of the shower curtain! I caught it and released it outside, thinking "How strange. Wonder how it got in..."
Peyton said, "I told you not to leave the windows open!" I didn't think much more about it afterwards.

This morning I went to bathroom, and sitting next to me was a little green frog! Could it be the same one?! No windows were left open last night! It wasn't going was just sitting there looking at me. I got a plastic jar and it hopped right in! I SWEAR!!!

So, I looked up "superstition/frogs" on Google. This is what I found:
Frogs represent transformation of the positive kind
a positive omen in all ways
Whether you saw them, held them, heard them, or ate them, they signify happiness, success in your profession, and true friends
Frogs represent good luck
Frogs represent forward movement, since they cannot move backward
A Frog brings good luck to the house it enters
Finding a tree frog in a house could mean good fortune and wealth, as the Money Frog is a symbol of prosperity in Feng Shui.

Now, I still have this little green frog-in my kitchen-RIGHT NOW! Is it bad luck if I don't let it go?? I know this sounds crazy, but it's cracking me up!


Anonymous said...

I have the same exact experience tonight. My housemates decided to pop into a nearby pub for a few rounds but I didn't feel like going out and had been enjoying my alone time in the house watching Scream 2 until I heard a sound "pook". As I opened my bedroom door [thought it was a knock], saw a little cute frog skipping here and there right outside my bedroom door. It was almost like he was 'knocking' on the door trying to get in. Then I Googled it and found your blog! What a relief to find out that it actually brings good luck.

The thing is: there are 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in our house. Why my room? is it cos my room has the light on? [since everyone is out, only my room and the cloakroom with the light on]. I just moved to Singapore, entering my 3rd month here and nothing has been going right. This frog somehow gives me "hope". Maybe he tries to say,"Don't worry, your wishes will come true soon. Everything will be alright."

I HOPE SO! Pleeeeease,froggie. Sorry, thought I'd share my side of story on a cold, rainy and quiet night with you guys. its still in my room. anyway, Happy Halloweenxxx

Gwen said...

I thought I would let you know what happened to me and my husband last night.

I was sleep and all of a sudden my three dogs start barking and woke me up, my husband was awake because he couldn't sleep. He told me that he was pinned up against the wall because our Pointer was scared of a frog/toad in our kitchen walkway. Our other dog a Min Pin was trying to catch it, I was able to catch it before she did and put it outside in the grass. We don't leave windows open or the doors as we live in Texas. I decided to see what the meaning of finding a frog/toad in your house means. I am glad that it means transformation and good luck as we need it because we just moved to Texas and we are now out of money and I am looking for a job and to finish school too. My husband is disabled and waiting for his SSI to come through.

Thank you for your research on this subject.


Anonymous said...

Don't mind if I leave my own story I hope.

For almost four years now several frogs have lived right outside my family's front door. And for more than four years my mother has been in and out of the hospital for cancer. Today though as we celebrated the 4th of July two of those frogs jumped straight up to her and stayed around her for a good hour or so. So I decided to look up the omen of that and I'm very happy to know it's all good. I really hope it stands true to it's background! We need it!

Froggie Lover

rvillegas said...

My niece and I went for a walk and it was dark outside so she was a little skittish. She's only 12. All of a sudden a frog crossed our path and it scared the heck out us. A couple of weeks late I was coming out of my garage and once again it was dark out side and a frog crossed my path again. I really didn't freak out because it was outside. The other day I was going to my basement which consist of a small laundry room and a crawlspace. Which does not have any windows or doors. Just when I was about to go down stairs I see a frog! I freaked out because how the heck did it get in? I ran to my room and stayed there until son captured in a show box and set it free. My son found this hysterical because I felt like there was komodo dragon in my house! I'm glad to know that they mean good luck because things have been pretty rough for me lately but I still don't like those little suckers. They give me the creeps.

Gloria said...

Thank you for your post! I, too, had a frog in my house tonight. I thought it was a bad omen, so I looked it up, and found your blog. I have been having not that great luck lately (especially money-wise, being out of a job), so I think my mother and father (in heaven!) sent this frog to me to show me that things will be fruitful! I saw that in another good link. :)
Thank you again for your positive post.

Anonymous said...

In the past three weeks I have had four frogs in my home 3 tree frogs in the bathroom and as of last night one falling on my head then pillow, a fat little frog. Woke my husband with a scream. He has put all the frogs back outside. Having had this many incidents I had to look up what it means. Glad to know it is a good omen. I could use good luck and I definately need to keep moving forward cause what I am leaving behind needs to stay there.

Anonymous said...

I too had a cute green frog on my front door. I was getting the fall decorations ready and was taking the summer door hanger down and behind it was the cutest green frog. It didn't get scared it just stayed there looking at me and stayed after I hanged by fall decorations. I am so glad to read your blog and find out it brings good luck, we so need it.

mahesh nayak said...

I saw a frog tonight in my bathroom after I came home.I was releived to read they are a good omen.Thank you.

mahesh nayak said...

I too saw a frog tonight in my bathroom when I came back home post dinner.What a releif to know it is a sign of good luck especially since i am on a new assignment in a new town.Thank you.

Noah Vitality Consulting said...

Frogs started to show up in my kitchen window and sink after I let my husband go after 20 years of abuse and him never working to help us, addicted to prescription drugs and what a mess he had become, anyway these little frogs all the time. The more I put them out the more they returned. I am Christian and totally have been filled with good luck and blessings lately, I kept relating back to letting go of the past and looking towards the future but focusing on today. God is working in my life and I am so happy now. I am starting my consulting business up and running another I had tried to put together for my X but he was not motivated so now it is succeeding with me at the helm. Miracles are happening every day and I have blessed so many with good fortune along the way, I could not begin to count. Anyway I Googled frogs tonight and finding this information about them is just another indicator to me that I am on the right track and all things can be turned from bad to good with faith, prayer and focus. My frog lives in a vine that is in my windowsill and I have not put him out for a month now. I get it little frog!

Anonymous said...

I was a little freaked out when a frog constantly showed up in my living room.

It got to the point that I actually caught it, put it in a bucket and drove the frog 2 blocks away before releasing it (I dont like frogs).

Then last night while watching a dvd, out the corner of my eye I spot the frog again.

Whether or not its the same frog, I'll never know. But I've removed about 4 frogs from my house in the past 2 weeks.

HOwever to read that it's good luck. Maybe the next time I spot it, I shall just leave it :)

Unknown said...

Yay! I am ever soooo glad I found this blog! I heard what I thought was a duck outside my house, I went outside, did not see anyghin..went inside, heard the same sound, this time. right at the front door! so I hurried up an opened the door, me and my two kids saw this cute green frog leap forward and hide on the side of the wall outside...I could never believe this could be a bad omen, so I had to search it and was so happy to see it is in fact a good thing! We sure could use all the good things it fact, I'm looking to find a different job, I will take this as a sign, and do like the frog and move forward. thank you so much for posting this. Good Luck to all you guys who shared their story too, specially for the mother of "Froggy Lover" I hope and wish full recovery. God Bless all of y'all :)

Ashutosh Verma said...

Every day i saw a frog in my room, good to know that its a good omen. As i am a medical student and suffered a lot, victim of train accident which took place on 10th july 2011.... hope so god is on his work & he gave a indication to move forward & to do the best......

Anonymous said...

OMG! a frog appeared in my room just now. what should I do? Im scarred I couldn't sleep. Its really rare and not so ordinary. pls help! :(

Angela Mayer said...

I had a green frog in my mailbox it scared me sooooo bad. It's nice to hear someone else is going through the same thing! Lol

Anonymous said...

So it's 7 in the morning and taking my dog out for his regular morning walk on a bright sunny muggy day in Southwest Florida. On our way back home my habit is to also check the mailbox. I walked over to it and noticed no less than 10-15 little light colored baby toads all over my mailbox. What a glorious site after reading how much good luck they bring!

Anonymous said...

I know this is going to sound really crazy. But I am moving out of a 150yr old house that has feelings. Yes I warned you it was gonna sound crazy. When I started packing up tonight I started getting some very un easy feelings. I haven't slept well tonight so I have been waking up often. Just tonight alone I have caught a released 5 different frogs. 2 tree frogs 2 brown looking frogs and 1 frog that I'm sure could eat my cat. I was so relieved when I saw this. Now I know even though my little house may miss me I'm happy to move forward.

Anonymous said...

I just found a frog in my house and I was so curious to know if it was a bad sign. After screaming bloody murder, my husband caught it and released it outside. I googled it and found your site and I 'm so happy to read that it signifies good luck. We are in the process of selling our home and have people coming back tomorrow (for the second time) to see it. Hopefully this little green frog brings me an offer tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

Sooo, this is pretty crazy but all completely true. Once about 7-9 years ago, I opened up my toilet one morning only to find a huge frog inside of it. Up until that point, there had NEVER been a frog inside my house before. I looked up what it meant, and at some point I forgot about the entire thing. Since then I have NEVER had another frog in my house. The day before yesterday I went to visit my girlfriend and our mutual friends with a friend of mine. On the way back YESTERDAY my friend and I were talking in the car, and randomly got onto the subject about how my girlfriend is afraid when she flushes the toilet that a snake will come up through the drain (something she was told by her parents to get her to flush when she was little). We laughed about it but then I said "well I did have that frog in my toilet a very long time ago so I suppose it can happen and things can get in if they really want to," having forgotten about my frog situation until that moment. Today, THE VERY NEXT DAY (and not to be vulgar in any way shape or form) I woke up and went to use the bathroom. After about five minutes of sitting there, A HUGE FROG JUMPED THROUGH MY LEGS ONTO THE WALL. I literally just talked/thought about this yesterday for the first time in YEARS and it happened the very next day. CRAZYNESS! I'm glad to see frogs are a good omen because I was getting a little bit freaked out. Much like some of the other comments on here, I could really use a good stroke of luck in my life.

Anonymous said...

a small frog enter our house lastnyt, so glad to know it''s good luck after reading this.

Anonymous said...

I have a bamboo plant sitting on my window seal to catch the morning sun. while I was standing at my kitchen sink ready to do my weekly water change and I noticed a very small but fat little green tree frog hidden under one of the bamboo leaves sitting motionless. My first thought was to gently put him outside because he has a much greater chance of living amongst his other tree frog frog buddys. Then I realized we have had a huge drop in temperature and he could very well freeze to death. The problem keeping him inside meant he would have to eat and I was afraid he may not eat in captivity like other wild animals. I left him there for the time being with hopes that I could Google what I should hopefully be able to feed him.The water level was low so when I went to add water I noticed some sqigally little mosquito larva swimming in the the old water that I was going to change. Then it hit me why my little tree frog was so fat. He has his own personal mosquito pond! I asked my girlfriend to find out what the meaning is when you have a frod inside the house. I have had multiple surgerys on my back and neck and I am getting ready to have another. I have lived over a decade 24/7 with severe pain without taking pain killers because I am a recovering addict and Alcoholic. I have broken down and applied for disability and food stamps. Because of my debilitating condition I have lost everything I have ever worked for and I am flat out of money and facing another doctor and hospital bill that I can not afford but I am hoping and praying that my pain will be manageable so I can return back to work so I can repay everyone that has helped me so I can regain my confidence as a man! Through it all I am so very blessed with family and friends that love me like I love them!!! When I get up in the mornings I am going to beg Mr.Green Frog to do his work! lol I will be praying for all of my other tree frog friends and I would very much appreciate some prayers thrown my way.

Anonymous said...

We have had a little green tree frog living in our kitchen window In Louisiana for almost three years. Have never known how he got in. We call him "Fred" and even buy him meal worms from pet store occasionally. My husband uses chop sticks to hold a worm and Fred will grab stick and gulp down the worm. Glad I saw this site and know others have had froggy visits!

Anonymous said...

For the past two months I have occasionally caught a glimpse of a fairly good sized Green Tree Frog in my kitchen. Late this evening i was able to very gently capture my little guest. I am truly glad to have run across this blog so that I am now informed of what good luck, good omens, etc... this phenomena brings. I have been suffering financially due to lumbar spine injury that has required surgeries, not able to work, lots of pain and depression as well. In the middle of a disabilities case with court date of august 7 of this year. This has been a almost three year battle me. I thank god for my special omen and new friend/pet. He will have his own little special home set up first thing in the morning in a 3 gal aquarium i have stored away.

Charity Ariel said...

Glad that i found your blog. We found a small frog in the kitchen this morning. We picked it up and released it outside, only thing is that it looked as if it was close to dying because it was hardly moving. Do you know what kind of luck this will bring because we're in need of all of the blessings that we can

Anonymous said...

I am glad I came across your blog.
I have recently started a business and have invested just about everything I own into it. after a very good start things have slowed down, and I started to ponder if I made the right choice, well long story short, I have found 3 frogs, in 3 different occasions in my office, I don't know how they could possibly get in, but 3 have made it. I don't like frogs as I have a "thing" for reptiles, but I picked them up by making a cone out of paper and placed them outside the business. this kinda made me iffy to say the least, and when I told my wife, she took to google. I also have recently noticed more little green frogs around my house. Hope this is true, as I am in dire need of "luck". thanks for posting such fascinating info.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I was the woman in the bathroom when a frog appeared out of nowhere!! Thanks for sharing, it sure makes me hopeful!! Last year I took an early retirement to take care of my husband, who is 20 years older than me. Well, I am finding it very rough to go down $50,000.00 a year and still make ends meet!!

Anonymous said...

Two days ago as i was going to Living Room i saw 2 little brown spots on Carpet. I had vaccumed the day before and i knew there was no stains on the carpet. The closer i got the spots moved!! Freaked me out big time! yea i caught the little Baby tree frogs and took them outside. It had been raining pretty hard all that day, I would love to find out how they got in house! Hope it does mean good luck for all who live here!

Unknown said...

Hi Gwen. My name is Patti I am actually Wiccan but never heard of a frog coming into the house til it happened to me last year. I heard thumping coming from my in between my stove and a wall. Since it was summer I thought with fear that it was a rat. As I investigated the noise, I seen it was a little frog. My daughter's cat was trying to get it so I put him in the bathroom. I chased this frog all over my kitchen and finally got him and put him outside. I just had to look up what this little visitor meant and found that he brought home luck. We were wanting to find a better place to live and I had been trying to get my ssi as well. A few months later we were able to move into a much better home and after 9 years of fighting for my disability, I won my case in April of this year. So hang in there with your little friend showing up your husband should get his ssi and you will find a job. Good luck

dietcherry said...

I am so glad I looked up the meaning of finding a frog in your home and found this site! I found the sweetest little green frog climbing up my living room wall tonight and I caught him in a cup and released him back outside. I am so excited in anticipating all the good fortune this little guy is going to bring me!!

Katrina Brady said...

I was in my sitting room, just walking into the hall and my little dog was starring at something on the floor! I switched on the light and there was a frog ��, my husband placed it in a plastic container and let it out on the lawn. Our back door was open and where it ended up was quite a distance down the hallway. I am delighted that I found this site and after a few years of bad things happening to our family from exfriends and financially I am just glad the little creature has come to visit our home, after this things can only get better!!!

Abhilash Pillai said...

I live in the third floor of my apartment and there are exactly 7 rooms but the frog chose my room for his hideout. I find it extremely surprising that there is no way that this tiny little thing can enter and that too at all the way from the ground floor. I was curious to find out what it meant and came across your blog. Finally I’m relieved to see such beautiful things written about this tiny little thing.