Cosmological Cabbage Coleslaw

I get a little flattered at the foreign visitors that I get. I recently saw this translated page from my blog done by a visitor from Germany.

It is interesting to note that I am Kosmologischen Kohl. My tagline in English is:

"All things offbeat and interesting ... with a Caribbean flavour. These are the memes of my life on this island in the sun".

Just for fun, I plugged the German version into an online translator, and this is what I got:

"all things failed and interesting with Caribbean taste that are mem of my life on this island in suns "

Maybe the "all things failed" is more appropriate or a harbinger of things to come. I don't believe in harbingers, and besides, it is bad luck to be superstitious.

And then we come to the Chinese translated pages.

This again was flattering until I came to the realisation that the Chinese were just translating my technical pages. I didn't think that this was particularly sinister until I looked the logs of our ftp server and saw that we were under constant hack attack for 48 hours. It was a mechanized or scripted attack, carefully timed so as not to be a denial of service attack. When I traced back the IP address, it was to the Chinese Meteorlogical Center at a University. This could only mean one thing -- state-sponsored hackers.

And then we come to search engine terms. Ask Jeeves used to be a search engine that re-branded itself to jus Jeeves the butler must have died, but I can't figure out whether it was from overwork or underwork. I am getting a lot of hits on the search term "things found in the ocean", and when one came in from Ask Jeeves, I went to that search engine to see how I ranked. This is a screen capture of the result:

It was cool to be ranked second on a search engine. However when I looked at the related searches, I was amazed at the last search term --Richard Nixon. Holy Cow, the ex-Watergate president is now at the bottom of the ocean? Did the CIA do this? Is this a state secret inadvertently revealed? Is this wishful thinking? I think that I will go and Ask Jeeves.

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