Bus Squashes and Kills Thief

This tropical island is in economic turmoil. Tourism is the number one industry, and forms 75% of the economy here. Ninety-five percent of the tourists come from the United States. With the United States in economic recession, tourism is down here. There are mass layoffs numbering over a thousand people. For a population of just 325,000, this is a big percentage. Crime has spiked.

Yesterday a 55 year old bus driver with seven kids was driving his bus. His nickname is "Slowpoke". It was near the end of the route and there was just one passenger left on the bus, a twenty year old man. Typically at the end of the route, the driver will jump out for some refreshment. In this case, it was a Wendy's fast food outlet.

When the driver returned to his bus, he found the passenger fishing coins out of the farebox. The passenger fled and the driver pursued him with the bus. The driver lined up the running passenger and smashed him against a wall, killing him instantly. You can see the mangled corpse sticking out below the bus in the enlargement below:

Notice the force of the bus broke the cement wall. It is evident that the driver ran him down.
The driver is in police custody. I am not sure who my sympathies lie in this case.
There is trouble in paradise, and people are dying violently.

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