Boys And Their Toys

I was sitting at Starbucks at the marina, enjoying my morning cup of coffee, and I had a show going on. The yacht pictured above is named "Milk and Honey". She is registered out of George Town, Cayman Islands. The crew were bringing in the tender with a crane, and loading it on the second storey of the yacht.

The tender was a zodiac (inflatable raft gunwales) with a fiberglass bottom. Back home, I would have owned this boat alone without the mega yacht as a runabout in our lakes. It would have been sufficient as my main boat. Here it had the status of being merely a scooter to zip around the harbour.

The yacht had a crane to lift the zodiac tender aboard. It took four of the crew members twenty minutes to do this. I was fascinated with watching the crew. One of them was a female. We have private yacht crew living behind us, and they are never home. Somehow, I do not think that being a private yacht crew member is all that glamorous after the first week. I sometimes get island fever or cabin fever on this island, and I would imagine that it would be a lot worse confined to a yacht, no matter how large it is.

However the mechanical aspects of lifting the tender appealed to the little boy in me. I couldn't stop watching. It was like watching someone play with a real big Tonka toy. And I wasn't the only one who felt that way. This crew had a whole bunch of tourists (mostly men) watching and taking pictures. Boys and their toys.

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