Bird Peppers, UFOs, Surrealism

Man, you couldn't stage a more surreal photo if you tried. The Caribbean equivalent of the squeegee punk is the bird pepper seller. In the north, the squeegee punks stand at intersections and try to get a buck or two from you in exchange for cleaning your window with a squeegee. Nobody here cares whether their window is dirty or clean, so a quick way to make some money without a large capital outlay is to sell bird peppers.

Bird Peppers are incredibly hot to the taste. They are on the same scale as habanero peppers. But birds cannot taste the capsicum responsible for the heat. They can taste the sugar in the pepper however. So they eat peppers, seeds and all. When the seeds emerge from the other end, complete with its own capsule of fertiliser, you have wild hot peppers growing all over the place. The pepper sellers gather these up and sell them on the street corners.

They try to peddle their wares at stoplights, where cars must stop. However most stoplights on this tropical island have stopped working since the maintenance contract expired and the government did not renew it. You will notice that the stoplights are non-functional. It is a free-for-all at intersections, and some online commentators have suggested that this in fact speeds up the traffic. Some jerks do not even slow down entering the intersection, so you always take your life into your hands.

So not only do you have the non-working stoplights, and the pepper seller, but a pedestrian entered the scene as well. This pic also has another element: UFOs. As I was preparing the pic for publishing on the blog, I noticed two spots in the sky. I blew them up large. They are definite part of the picture. It is something in the sky. It is not lens flare. I first thought that it might be a plane, but the enlargement shows two spots that have blue sky in between them. It cannot be two planes, because they would not be flying so close together.

This is a little eerie. Of course we are in the Bermuda triangle and weird stuff happens in the Bermuda Triangle. This is my first ever UFO pic of mine personally. Surreal for sure -- all of it.

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Wow cool pic Im from and want to put it on the site can you give a little more detail about it. where you were the time and so on.