Wine Tasting and Blades

This is a new one for me. I have been invited to a wine tasting hosted by HP or Hewlett Packard. I thought that they were doing this out of the goodness of their heart. Turns out that we have a wine tasting, and 45 minutes later we get a Blade/Storage presentation lasting almost two hours, Then they give us a cocktail.

I was thinking of turning this down, because the red wine in a tropical country sometimes is baked into an oxidized mess from sitting in the hot sun on a dock somewhere. However, in spite of me liking French wine, the Lovely One and I shared a decent Australian lately.

The saving grace is that perhaps, I am one of the few people in this country who (A) knows what a blade server is, and (B) actually needs to buy some.

A blade is a simplified server without the peripherals like keyboards, power supplies etc. They go into a server rack and are managed centrally. They are excellent for cluster computing and web servers.

I am curious to see what the turnout will be for this new marketing paradigm. The other thing about this affair that has my curiosity picqued, is that the restaurant that it is being held in, is a very good restaurant.

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Steph said...

Hello, Caine! Thank you for visiting my blog! I work for a hi-tech company, so I got a kick out of your post here!