Scientific Discoveries

A great weekend was had by one and all with many scientific discoveries made. My software guys Bob & Derek are in their last week here on the tropical isle, so we decided to make the most of it. The island has an old abandoned underwater aquarium on a private island. It is a structure stuck out in the middle of a lagoon with a bridge built to it. The walkway on the bridge has fallen through. The structure looks like a combination between a space needle and a flying saucer.

We had decided to explore it by snorkelling underwater. We walked to the water's edge and got around the gate to the private road leading to the island. We crossed the bridge, and there was a security guard waiting to meet us. She was going to kick us off the island. When she saw my fishing spear, she said that we could use the beach, but if we speared a lobster, we had to give it to her.

The aquarium structure/space needle was amazing. The underwater ports looked like something from Indianna Jones. There was an amazing amount of fish there, but the current was really strong. As we were swimming back, I did get a shot a barracuda, but missed. The same with a lion fish. I also found the biggest hermit crab that I had ever seen.

We went across the to the cricket club after our adventure. They still play cricket in these West Indies. Beers were four dollars and a cheeseburger was five dollars. In these islands, beers usually go for seven dollars and cheeseburgers are typically $12-$14 dollars. It tasted good as well.

Sunday, we went snorkeling on golf ball beach. Bob found many many golfballs, but they dribbled out of his bathing suit and was left with just a fraction of his find. I speared a trigger fish, a fairly good specimen, and we came home. I lit the barbeque and we grilled steaks and the trigger fish. The trigger fish didn't taste too bad, and the steaks were delicious -- flamed broiled over charcoal.

But the biggest discovery that I made of scientific import, was a new methodology for dissolving chewing gum. I bought a bag of guineps from the Haitian fruit vendor. After eating them, I popped a piece of gum in my mouth. The guinep juices immediately dissolved the gum. I am sure that there is a practical application somewhere for this.

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