Rasta Peanut Vendor Reprise

I am trying something new. I am trying photoshop manipulation to make the impact of the image stronger and sharper. This is my rasta peanut vendor from an earlier blog entry.

It was tough to get the shot. I shot it through a car window while I was stopped at a stop light. The vendor was in the shade under a huge tropical tree. The green post structure to the left of the image is a bus stop. The rasta is feeding the pigeons with peanuts. The rasta was deep in the shadows.

I snapped several photos and to be honest, I wasn't pleased with any of them. The first thing that I did was to use the sharpen filters. The pigeons were a bit out of focus.

Then I equalized the image to make the rasta stand out. Then I replaced all the heavy dark greens with a light green. I then selected the rasta and used the fill-in flash to make him even lighter. I then added the doves to the selection and inverted it so that the background was selected. I used the lightness slider on the saturation filter to lighten the background.

I then wanted the green bus stop to stand out, so I selected that part and used the equalize filter again.

The wild eyed look was fortuitous along with his cap to hide his dreadlocks.

I am still not totally pleased with this pic, but this is the first iteration.

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