Paw Prints

I pulled in from the airport to our home in the tropics, and the first thing that greeted me, were the kitty paw prints on the wall.

Our house is raised a level from the street. Our parking is against the yellow wall. The bright yellow line in the pic marks off the parking spaces. I always use two parking spaces because I am sick and tired of other people putting door dents in the Lovely One's Beamer. I love that BMW, and it seems to be a target.

It is apparent that our feral cats love the Beamer too. They use it as a boost up to our place ... which is their feeding grounds. Ever since I started parking the car across two spaces, their little paw prints started showing up on the wall. They jump on the hood of the car, make the leap to the top of the wall, and use their hind legs to boost themselves up. The wall is littered with kitty paw prints.

I grabbed my computer bag and my suitcase from the trunk, and made my way to the door. Of course the cats were all there to greet me, and gave me a "where the heck were you look". A friend of ours had been feeding them for the four days that I was gone.

I came back to the tropics and immediately was engulfed in the bedlam that is our business. In spite of the fact of waking up at 3:00 AM to catch my flights back here, I worked until late, and I am beat.

Autumn in the north is an incredibly experience, and instead of getting into my suit and doing a presentation to the Ministry of Tourism today, I should be in a fleece and jeans, paddling my canoe in a hidden boreal forest backwater. I interrupt this reverie to remind myself that the very reason that I am in the tropics, is so that I can do this every autumn for the rest of my life without worrying about how to pay for it.

The paw prints reminded me that life goes on. Time to feed the cats again.

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