More Pondering of the Imponderables

I was out for a walk near the American Embassy when I saw this sign on a vacant lot. I think that the owner is trying to use reverse psychology. That tactic is not really recommended in a place where a lot of folks are not that swift.

The sign made me ponder the imponderables. One of them has to do with the weather of late. We had a cold front blow in, and for the first time since June, I had the air conditioning off. I opened all of the windows and it was the first time in months that there was fresh air in the house. That got me to wondering if all of this time, I was breathing in recycled flatulence and all the nasty stuff like exhaled carbon dioxide and bad breath and such. It couldn't have been healthy.

There were other imponderables as well. The kitties were all fluffed out in the cold weather. Back home, the kitties used to go out in the freezing winter weather, yet the feral cats here are acting like a -40 degree blizzard is blowing through. Have the cats so acclimatized to the warm weather that they actually think that the weather is really cold?

Yesterday, I drove over a telephone wire that had been torn down from the utility post and was snaking across the main street. It had been like that for days. Just when I got arround to getting a picture of it, someone had strung it back up. It provided telephone services to a Texaco station.

However, the biggest imponderable in my life right now, is how big the revenue streams will be from the financial products that we are unleashing on the Caribbean.

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BIG SKY CHEF said...

Greetings...You posted a comment on my Big Sky Chef page so I thought I would return the favor and visit your page. Your pics and verbage are fun, (wish I could carry a thought for more than 5 minutes) and the pics remind me of my days on Maui back in 1980. I ran across a post about you having to shovel snow up north. Where did you live up here? I am from Montana hence Big Sky Chef.
Will put you in my reader to get some beach atmosphere for the up coming winter.