Micropayments Convergence

I recently presented my image of micropayment technology to a major bank in this tropical paradise. This was the graphic that I used for my vision of micropayments convergence.

I have architected some rather exciting technology. So far we have an RFID stored value tap 'n go card. We have a system that we built for sending cash by cell phone. We are working on a swipe card system and we have the elements of payments by internet. My software team from the north, is in place here as I write, busy coding away.

What I mean by convergence, is that a person would be able to text cash from his e-Wallet to anyone else. Or he/she could text cash to his/her tap 'n go card. Or the swipe card can access the same e-Wallet. Or the internet could access the e-Wallet, and transfer cash to another person or tap 'n go card. We are converging, or tying together all of our technologies.

It is an exciting time for me, as the systems that I sketched out are becoming a reality, and for one of the very few times in my life, I feel that I am doing significant work.

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