Lucky Day

I have had an incredible day. It was full of fortune and luck. It started off with a meeting with a corporate partner where we ironed out technical details for a new revenue stream for the company. Then I met with a potential investor at the exclusive Ocean Club. The meeting went exceedingly well. The Ocean Club was alive with the colours of the golf greens, the deeper greens of the fairways, the palm trees, and off in the distance was the turquoise and blue ocean.

Afterwards, I wrote some code for the IPAQ PDA until 4:30 PM. The Lovely One picked me up, and we bought some nice New York strip steaks for dinner. I got into my bathing suit and went off to golf ball reef. As an afterthought, I came back to the house for my spear and Hawaiian sling.

As I was walking down to the beach, I came upon an American penny. I tucked it into my bathing suit. At the reef, I slipped into the water and immediately found half a dozen golf balls. I went by the wall reef and looked around for a fish dinner, but there were no fish that were sizeable enough to spear.

Towards the end of my swim, I came upon a reef ledge near a sandy bottom. I took a deep breath and dove to the edge of the ledge. I held onto the ledge and peeked underneath. There was this big lobster. I grabbed a hold of him, and about this time, I was out of air.

I swam to the surface and the lobster was making a ruckus about being yanked out from under the ledge. When I let go of him, he zoomed away backwards. Instead of heading for the ledge, he was in an open wide expanse of sand about twenty feet down. I took a deep breath, dove down, lined up my spear and shot it with my Hawaiian sling.

The lobster's body with about 3/4 the length of a newspaper page. It was huge. I carried the thing home on my spear, and as I was walking up the hill from the beach, I found a brand new tee shirt, still folded on the sidewalk. Some tourist bought it, and it fell out of the beach bag on the way home. The tee shirt says "Welcome to Paradise" on it, and it is my new shirt that I wear when I am skindiving.

I broiled the lobster with the New York Strip Loin and the Lovely One and I had a fabulous surf and turf dinner. Some days, all of the luck lines up on one side, and this day was such.

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