Ghetto Wedding -- Wedding Reception at McDonald's

It's your big day. You are getting married. You want the day to be special. Where do you hold the reception? At the classiest place in town -- McDonalds. This happened in the McDonalds on Bay Street in this tropical paradise.

Hail, hail the guests are arriving.

The wedding dinner is served.

The drinks for the toast to the bride.

Time to show off the wedding finery.

Don't the bridesmaid look lovely. The table setting is classy.

Some guests always arrive late for the dinner.

Getting more condiments.

The second course is ready. Funnily enough, I think that all of the children of this union will learn to say "Do you want fries with that?" as part of their career.

The best man insures that everything is running smoothly.

The groom looks in ecstasy into the eyes of his loving bride, thinking of the Big Mac that he will serve her later.

A happy portrait.

Here the happy couple is off to the honeymoon. I wonder where that will be? At the motel by the railroad tracks with the miniature golf course? Wedding reception at McDonalds. Now I have seen everything.


Steve said...

Actually they look very nice. Perfect recession wedding. Ghetto no,smart yes!!

They can spend that money on a new home!

Mike Richardson said...

My fiancee and I have been trying to book our wedding there but, they're always booked up with those pesky kiddie parties! P.S. We are registered at Dollar Tree.