Dog Meat

Someone from Korea came to this blog looking for a source for dog meat. They make a dog meat stew in Korea. When I was a kid, we had a set of Art Linkletter's Encyclopedia, and they profiled the Dog Meat General -- a Chinese warlord. The encyclopedia said that the title came from his fondness for eating dog meat, but more scholarly tomes say that it came from his addiction to gambling a certain game of chance called "Eating the Dog".

In my blog entry, I put up some source code for programming the WindowsCE HP IPAQ Personal Digital Assistant or PDA. I used a picture of a boy and his dog. Good old Google took the word "source" from source code and my title "Boy and Dog" and sent this Korean to this blog who was looking for a source of dog meat. I think that eating dogs is disgusting. As I have iterated, I am a dog person, and I love dogs.

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