Cloudy of Late

The Lovely One and I bought a locally produced calendar in this tropical paradise. It gives a month by month synopsis. For the month of October, the word is that this month is cloudy and rainy. The calendar hasn't disappointed.

With the shortening of the days (yes we see that here in the tropics, but not as severe as up north), when I wake up, not only is it darker, but the darkness is accentuated by the clouds. When I feed the kitties, it is still warm, but pleasantly warm, not hot like a month ago.

We have been on this tropical island for almost a year now. But we have never been here in November. It will be interesting to see what November brings, other than the end of the hurricane season. The ocean of late has been a lot rougher, the waves are higher and it is considerably cooler. However, a swim in the ocean is still as refreshing as ever.

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