Answers, Answers, and more Answers

This blog entry is a mish mash. Let me explain. I get a list of all of the search engine terms that makes people come to this blog. And you still are getting the wrong pages on this blog.

For example every few days, I get visitors who are searching on Google for "name of the house that the Lucayans lived in." The answer is a bohio. I answered this earlier, but Google is still taking visitor to the page on the Lucayan artifacts.

Every week I get a pile of people searching for "Smooth Palm Tree Trunk". Google takes them to my page on a woven palm tree trunk which is far from smooth. I don't know how to fix that, because presumably folks are looking for answers on how to smooth out a palm tree trunk.

I get a lot of Google queries for tying cabbage. I presume it means tying up the leave of the cabbage, but for some reason they end up here. I have no idea on how to tie cabbage, but instead of googling "how to tie cabbage" you may want to google "how to harvest cabbage".

And finally I am getting a lot of hits on Haitian marriage laws. They all keep getting the Haitian marriage certificate that I posted. Let me give you a hint. What you have to google is "droit civil haitien" and let google translate the page for you. Voila!

Update: If you are looking for Haitian law on marriage, follow this link,M1

I thank you for the hits for Avogadro's Ants, and Fibonacci basketweaving. That's just plain fun. Just like the pic up top. Everything on a WiFi map of the city, from ricin poison, to peanuts to an RFID card to my IPAQ and Beamer keys. Just plain fun.

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