Another kind of potcake -- Potcake Says I

The contraption that you see in this photo is a stolen shopping cart -- or trolley as they are called in this Caribbean country. It is pushed around town by an indigent fellow who calls himself "Potcake". He sells hubcaps that he finds back to the motorists who lost them. He sleeps somewhere outside, and I see him in the morning and in the evening, and I see him on the streets at night. His clothes are filthy, and half the time he is not wearing a shirt. However he does have a radio that he listens to, and I swear that I saw him once with a cell phone, but I could be mistaken. A passerby called his name as Tommy once.

When he does manage to sell something, I see him in the food store, buying snacks. I have actually seen him sell a hubcap and so has the Lovely One, so I imagine that he does get some sales. I once saw him sitting on the wall of a grave yard with a spinner hubcap, trying to unload it on some passing motorists.

At the odd time, Potcake will be trying to sell coconuts or guineps or other fruit that he comes upon in his travels. Most of the time, however his wares are just hubcaps.

He is semi-literate, and puts up hilarious signs on the back of his "wagon". The first time that I saw him, his sign said that he was mad and not going to take it. I thought that it was social unrest. Various messages include "Who is your daddy?" and "The devil is here". This one seems to be against cheap people who work you and pay you nothing. It is rather hilarious coming from someone who doesn't have a job.

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