WiFi Part Le Deux

For the past three days, I have had a real education on the rooftops of this tropical paradise. We have been installing MeshNet Wifi for our bus system. It is a dirty hot job and I have a real sunburn.

I am off today for more of the same with the installation crew. So far I have learned a lot by watching things from the rooftops.

For example, I have learned that people never look up. I have learned that if you are a cabinet minister, especially the minister of education, you can illegally park anywhere all day. I have learned that line of sight is really important when it comes to WiFi communications.

I have also learned that most tourists are fat. I have learned that taxi drivers harass the tourists. I have learned that the main drag looks exciting when you first visit, but under scrutiny it does not hold up. I have learned that a lot of work is required downtown, on all buildings including government buildings.

I have learned where to buy the cheapest yet best food. I learned this by watching where the police knock off for lunch. I have observed from the rooftops, how bad the drivers really are in this place.

The most important thing that I have learned, is that the best way to put up antennas and such, is to pay someone else to do it.

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