Talk Like A Pirate Day

It was brought to my attention that either today or tomorrow is talk like a pirate day. Well I live in the Pirates of the Caribbean land, and as a matter of fact, we have a Pirates of the Caribbean Museum, pub, restaurant, souvenir shop and kitschy actor dressed up like one. We also have the home of Johnny Depp who is Pirates of the Caribbean personified.

So, my job today is to help you talk like a pirate. I went to a popular website and it had a pirate generator name. It called me "Shark Bait Jack Sparrow". That's Hollywood Pirate talk.

If you want real pirate talk, you have to slip in these terms. Here is a list of ten terms:

1) Letters and Marques from 'er Majesty. This is essentially a pirate licence granted by the English kings and queens. In modern day talk, this can be your law degree, your cab driver's license, your NBA contract, or your used car salesman business card.

2) Ruin, Revelry and Buried Treasure. You could call Wall Street this, or your basement.

3) Privateer. This is a legitimate pirate, so if you are a plastic surgeon, a banker, a stockbroker or a cab driver, you are today a privateer in pirate talk.

4) Woodes Rogers. Name of a real pirate that went straight and became a governor of an English Colony. In pirate talk you would say to your date "fancy a tot of grog and a keelhaul with Woodes Rogers?".

5) Black Beard. Used to describe a person. Like "He's a regular Black Beard". Let the context decide the meaning.

6) New World Gold -- short selling in stocks.

7) Ann Bonny -- a woman in a man's world.

8) Swashbuckle -- My IRA has been swashbuckled by Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch

9) Avast ye scurvy scum -- How to greet McCain or Obama supporters

10) Spanish Galleon -- your gas guzzling SUV.

There you have 10 pirate terms. There are many more on tee shirts around town in the souvenir shops, but my mother reads this blog and almost all of them are unprintable.

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