Post Hanna

Hanna pics:
Well, Hanna has finally moved off. When I awoke this morning the trees outside the bedroom window were still, not like last night (pictured above) where a palm tree was bent over our house.

The kitties were not pleased with Hanna at all. Being feral cats, they are not necessarily buddies, however Ginger and Big Guy were huddled under the foliage, not enjoying the storm or rain for one minute.

Flowers were ripped from the plants by the wind, but this being the tropics, they will be back by next week -- if Ike doesn't make a mess of things.

Only one coconut came down. We were supposed to have the gardeners come to remove them from the tree in our backyard. These things can be flying missiles. However the gardener never came. These are jelly coconuts. The water in them is exceptionally sweet, however they do not have the white coconut copra that we know as coconut, and use in baking etc. However the coconut water is superb. When this one came down, it smashed and the coconut water leaked out.

The above pic is our neighbourhood, just as some gaps were starting to appear in Hanna's cover.

So as my friend says, Hanna was just a warm-up for Hurricane Ike. Ike is a killer category 4 and we watch and wait.

The president of our company flew in last night, and he said that the last ten minutes before landing were pure hell. The plane bounced all over the sky. It reminded me of the old saying:

I am a believer in terra firma,

the more firma, the less terra.

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