Pirates of the Caribbean -- Reprised

This blog entry on a Sunday is a convergence of many things. First and foremost is that this is the continuation of monitoring search engine traffic on the this blog. And I was thinking of this as we walked in this tropical paradise today. The Lovely One and I were downtown and we went past the Pirates of the Caribbean Museum. In spite of the fact that a couple of cruise ships were docked in the harbour, the Pirates Museum and restaurant were empty. I immediately started to hum Jimmy Buffett's song about a pirate who was two hundred years too late to do any serious pirating and plundering on the high seas.

I then thought about Bloom County, a syndicated cartoon series from the 1980's, and how the smart kid, as a computer hacker wore a pirate outfit when he prepared to "board" other people's computers.

There may not be stuff to plunder legally, thought I, but I can plunder Google traffic. I got the idea when in an earlier blog entry, I casually mentioned that I was humming a Tom Waits song "On the Nickel" when I saw tropical storm Hanna blow in a nickel on my patio. Well I got a pile of hits from a Tom Waits fan site. The interesting thing is that when I did a similar thing with Jimmy Buffett -- nada! I guess Tom Waits has a bigger following than Jimmy Buffett.

So I plundered some hits from Tom Waits fans. I decided to act like a Pirate of the Caribbean and see how many hits that I can plunder from Google. I went to google's most popular trends and search terms and came up with "Tina Fay as Sarah Palin", flurge, cankles, vacations to go and other stuff.

So Google, prepared to be boarded. The following sentence should light up the search engine traffic: I am going to flurge your cankles with vacations to go. Tina Fay will act as Sarah Palin to lure some more hits to my blog. There, the previous sentence contains all of the latest, hottest search terms.

I will report later on how my hit plundering is going. I may be on to something here.

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