Panama in the 1950's

I was downtown installing our network in this tropical paradise, when I saw a bright yellow alleyway and an antique shop at the end of it. The Lovely One and I had been in this antique shop a year earlier and we had seen a letter written by Wallace Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor and the consort to the abdicated King Edward. They wanted $1,200 for the letter.

I popped my head into the shop and noticed that the quality of antiques had really decreased. The back room was full of illustrated books taken apart for the graphics and the pages were sold separately as frameable antique pictures.

However, I rummaged through a box of vintage postcards and came across the above gem. I paid a dollar for it. It is a fruit stand in Panama. I will quote the back of the post card:

A typical native fruitstand, of which many are found along the Inter-American Highway through PANAMA INTERIOR.

Un ranchito tipico, donde se venden frutas. Hay gran numero des estos a lo largo de la Carretera Inter-Americana en el interior de PANAMA

The card also has the following on it:


I bought the postcard because it is a funky thing, and who knows, one day it may be the subject of one of my paintings.

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