On The Nickel

As I am writing this blog entry, I am humming Tom Wait's song "On The Nickel". It is one of my favourite songs, and it ties in well to this picture.

I took this pic in the rain as Hanna was finishing up blowing everything around. We cleaned off our patio of all of the furniture, because we didn't want our table and chairs blown into the harbour. So the patio was bare, but it was strewn with wet twigs and flowers, and the detritus that the storm blew in.

My eye was drawn to some found money that the storm had apparently blown in. Sitting smack dab on the patio was a coin. At first I thought that it was a penny. It was waterlogged and had a huge bead of water on the surface. I photographed it (above). On closer examination, it was a corroded nickel -- US currency.

I didn't think that nickels corroded, but this one did. And it brings up the further mystery of how it got there. The nickel came riding in on the storm. It certainly was gusty enough with Hanna blowing through, but a nickel ??

The only neighbours that we have were not home, and it is too far from the street to be thrown. The Lovely One did not drop it, nor did I and throughout the storm period we didn't have any visitors. It wasn't there before the storm and it was there afterwards.

The nickel has provided more than 5 cents worth of mental entertainment.

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