My New Coconut Invention

This was the scene of my coconut processing. The coconuts were cut from the trees in our patio in anticipation of Hurricane Ike. We didn't want coconuts flying around all over the place. I spent an hour chopping the outer husks off them and then put them in the catfood closet to dry out.

I have learned to open coconuts without the water splashing out. You gentle tap the coconut around the top until you get a hollow sound and keep tapping. A crack develops and the coconut opens up.

I got a bright idea about a new food product, and I decided to experiment. I chopped up the coconut and put it in the jar. I then topped the jar with as much confectioners sugar that it would hold, and filled the jar with white rum. It is in fact, coconut pickled in rum. I put it in the fridge and after a suitable pickling period, I will try the new food product out. I am anxious to see what it tastes like. It might be good baked in muffins or a cake.

As for the coconut water, last night the Lovely One put out my dose of vitamins. She makes me take vitamins and supplements. I didn't have anything to help me swallow the handful of tablets, gel caps, herbs and such, so I got a glass of coconut water. After I swallowed the pills, I still had some coconut water in the glass. I was looking for an additive to jazz up the taste.

I immediately remembered the song "Put the lime in the coconut" and so I got out the bottle of lime juice and mixed in a healthy portion. Without tasting it, I decided that I should sweeten the mixture so I dumped in a bunch of Splenda sweetener. I watched a minor chemical reaction take place, and after the solution turned extremely cloudy, I took a sip. It tasted like vomit. I had to dump it down the sink.

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