The Money Moth

Last night, the Lovely One and I were coming home. It was dark. As we opened the gate to our patio, a big dark thing flew slowly by. It looked like a bird or a bat. It flitted around the awning canopy of our yard and settled on a tree nearby.

The thing was massively huge -- at least 8 inches from wingtip to wingtip. I hurried snapped three or four pics and only one turned out. It is above.
I googled moths of the Caribbean and came up with an identification. It is an Ascalapha Odorata, or a noctuid or owlet moth.
When I read the Wikipedia article about the moth to the Lovely One, she was scared. The Lovely One is superstitious. This moth is known as the Black Witch. It is a harbinger of death in Mexico and some of the Caribbean. However the Lovely One brightened up considerably when she found out that in these islands, it is called the Money Moth, and that money will come to you. In South Texas, if the moth lands on your door and stays there for a while, it means that you will win the lottery.
I personally believe that it is bad luck to be superstitious. However I do like the concept of the Money Moth.

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Anonymous said...

I lived in Honduras on an island for 12 years. quickly I will tell you my experience with the money moth.
I came home one day and a beautiful large purple-hairy money moth was on my door--I had never seen one. my native-worker said that I was going to come into some money shortly. later that day lumber was delivered and a credit for $250 on the delivery.
about 2 months later a money moth was on my door again (maybe the same one)--the next morning cleaning out my kitchen cabinets I found 5000 lempiras ($300) in a pretzel can that I had hid and forgotten about. I've seen many things there that are incredible and hard to believe but the money moth legend is very real.