Little Hidey Hole

In a previous blog entry, I mentioned that people rarely look up. I discovered this after being on the rooftops of this tropical burg. Well it looks like someone else has discovered this as well.

Pictured above is the Supreme Court building. It exemplifies Georgian Colonial Architecture with the big pillars and balconies. The balcony is never used.

When I was atop another building in the Parliament Square area, I got a good peek of the balcony. To my surprise, someone made a little secret sitting place. They took an upholstered chair from inside the building and made a little hidey hole. The chair is obscured by the palm trees, and besides nobody ever looks up. It is a secret little retreat, probably for a security guard, where he can go and sit and catch the breeze and watch the world go by.

The secret isn't secret any more.

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