Hurricane Shutters

I was just browsing the CNN site, and the developing story is that Hurricane Ike is hitting Galveston Texas. The CNN story headline is "Hurricane Ike warning: Flee or Die".

The hurricane shutters are still not taken down at our office. The above is a pic of the steel shutters covering the big window that provides a lot of the daylight. All of the other windows are similarly shuttered with the same steel material as well.

My snorkelling schedule is back on track after the storms blew through as well. The ocean has quieted down enough and the riptides are gone. However tons and tons of sand have been removed from the beaches, and in some places, it is down to the bare beach rock.

My favourite places on the reef are all silted in, and the familiar underwater landscape is familiar no more. It looks like a vast underwater desert with sand dunes made by the waves. People tell me that the tides will eventually clean out the reefs again. I took my Hawaiian sling in the off-chance that I would see a fish worth spearing, however all of the game fish are gone -- driven further off in the ocean. However, I did find 26 golf balls rolling around in the bottom of the ocean.

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