Hanna's break in the clouds.

Hanna pelted us for 9 hours. The sky was black, it rained and the winds blew continously as they howled round. Finally in the early evening, we saw the first break in the clouds that were circling overhead. I had never seen clouds describing an arc across the sky.

Hanna passed to the east of these chain of islands and the closest that it got was about a hundred miles. The winds have still not stopped, because Hanna has stalled 126 miles to the northeast of us. Winds are currently around the 65 miles per hour mark.

Since we knew that we were in no imminent danger, the Lovely One and I took the Beamer out in the rain to view the storm. The sea was amazingly high and rough and angry. It was crashing into sea walls around the island, and at one point, a rogue wave crashed over the sea wall near the carriage way, and doused the Beamer with a wall of sea water. Thank goodness that we had purchased Wet Tec wipers up north for our car, and they were great for visibility in the driving rain.

We found this quaint restaurant called "Traveller's Rest". The wooden hurricane shutters were banging with the wind and we could see the sea through the windows. All of the locals had stopped for lunch, and both the restaurant and the atmosphere reminded us of camp up north of Lake Superior. It was a very cottage like atmosphere, or a restaurant where they served club sandwiches and gravy with fries as haute cuisine.

Every table had the Milton Bradley game "Connect Four" on it -- sort of like a tic tac toe with checkers. The locals were playing, so the Lovely One and I spent a real nice lunch eating cheeseburger sandwiches and playing Connect Four. The Lovely One beat me two games to zip. I will never live this down.

So here we are. The wind is howling is Hurricane IKE -- a category 4 extremely dangerous killer hurricane is expected to land on our doorstep on Sunday or Monday. Ike's winds are over 150 miles per hour, and I am scared. Hanna killed 137 in Haiti.

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