Golf Ball Heaven

As you may know, I collect golf balls at Snorkeller Reef. The 17th and 8th holes of the course border the ocean and I collect balls there almost every night after work.

I previously detailed how I have competition from another resident of this island. He is a Dutchman, retired from a shipping and investments company, and we compete for the balls at the reef.

His girlfriend however holds great sway over him. They have a condo overlooking the harbour, and she gave him an ultimatum -- either the golf balls go or I do. So he contacted me and gave me roughly 500 golf balls. They sit in bags in my closet.

I am writing a book on golf balls. This provides fodder for my book. One of my finds was a golf ball personally autographed by Jack Nicklaus. They are going for around $250 on the internet. If I sell the ball on eBay, I figure that I may get a payback on all of the hours that I have spent collecting golf balls. I figure that I have made at least 2 cents per hour.

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