Criss Cross, Frick and Frack

I love dogs. The Lovely One loves dogs as well. These past two weeks, we babysat two dogs. It happened this way.

Earlier this year, the Lovely One and I were walking along the beach near our house. We came across a friendly woman with two friendly dogs. The dogs were potcakes -- wild dogs with a long history here. They are called potcakes, because they were fed the fried cornmeal sticking to the sides of the pot -- or potcakes. The original potcakes came over on the pirate ships of the Caribbean.

As we were talking to the woman, we discovered that she was an airline stewardess who had moved here to this tropical paradise. She was born in the same town as the Lovely One back home. The potcakes were rescues who were of the same litter, even though they look different. The dominant one is the short hair female named Criss and the long hair male is named Cross.

We were responsible for exercising the dogs along the beach. Their owner, the airline stewardess had a flight to Europe and after that a few days of emergency training.

The beach is a few kilometers long, and the dogs run with exuberance and joy through the surf. When the Lovely One and I go for a dip in the ocean, they swim out to us. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience, except for one aspect. The dogs shed hair all over the Lovely One's Beamer. The car was full of the stuff. When the Lovely One had her own dog, she had a poodle because it didn't shed. The Lovely One doesn't like dog hair at all. Me? To me a dog is a dog, and the hair is a part of the joy of having a dog.

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