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I can see the search engine referrers to this site. Although I have had the odd visit from Yahoo and AOL search engines, the vast majority come from Google. People have visited this site looking for answers to questions. I suppose that they did not find the answers, so I will provide them. I had these two queries visiting my blog yesterday:
1) What is the name of the house the Lucayans live in?

The answer is: a BOHIO. Here is a picture of a bohio.
The second question is:
2) How to get a smooth palm tree trunk?

Many palm trees grow smooth, but if you want to smooth a rough one, there is only one method that I know of. Here is a pic:

The Haitian gardeners here wield the machete (or cutlass as it is called here) with dexterity, and they smooth up the palm trees quite well.

I realize that these answers are a day late, but I figure that someone else will google these terms again.

Here are the last 10 search terms that visited my blog:

  • Google Search (how to get a smooth palm tree trunk)
  • Google Search (grand turk devastation)
  • Google Search (The Lucayan Indians)
  • Google Search (Woven Palm Tree)
  • Google Search (veneer of civilisation)
  • Google Search (cosmological cabbage)
  • Google Search (Lordeus Haiti)
  • Google Search (Montry Haiti)
  • Google Search (how to tie cabbage)

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