Tropical Storm Fay

We are being blasted by Tropical Storm Fay. The sky is black, and the rain has been falling continously for 10 hours. Streets are flooded. On the way to work, one particular puddle was so deep that water was coming over the Beamer hood and the engine started to gurgle. Thank goodness it is a BMW otherwise the car would have stalled and the water level was above the door line.

The kitties were all wet and cold. The rain had been driven by the winds under the awning and their food bowl was saturated. When the Lovely One fed them this morning, they were extremely hungry and miserable-looking.

Right now, it is raining cats and dogs. The sky is black and there is water everywhere. The city is flooded. One major business meeting of mine has been cancelled. The amazing thing is that the power goes out at a moment's notice and has not gone out yet.

The news is reporting that 35 people have died across the Caribbean because of tropical storm Fay. Thank goodness that Fay is not a category one hurricane. However there is another tropical depression over the Atlantic that is looking very ominous.

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