Summer At Home

I was home for only a very very short period this summer. Most of the time I spent it in the hot tropics working. However the time up north was intense quality time. In the pic above, the Lovely One and I are having a picnic overlooking a marina and a bay in wine country.

We had gone to a fine food emporium and bought some wonderful cheese, olives, a bread and spreads. Since we were in wine country, we bought a bottle of wine that reminded the Lovely One of her time in France. The rose wine did taste like Provence in a bottle.

The thing that struck us, was that such a 'en plein air' feast is virtually impossible here in the tropics. The quality of food is the pits. Gourmet foods like we had would cost an arm and a leg -- up to 5 or ten times the cost of what we paid for it. Red wine in the tropics sits on a hot dock and is 'cooked' destroying it delicate bouquet and flavours.

The nice thing about the picnic, was that the Lovely One and I both realized how lucky we were to even be there. This would be totally impossible to replicate in the tropics.

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