Random Musings

Random Musings in a tropical paradise:

1) For a third world Caribbean country, I find more pennies on the streets than I do up north where folks are much more affluent.

2) People take their time about doing almost everything in the Caribbean. So why do they drive like maniacs? Are they rushing to procrasinate in a new spot?

3) People treat their cars like crap. I do not see a lot of nice cars on the island.

4) I have never really had a GREAT cheeseburger in paradise. The merely good ones cost $14.00.

5) Bread is $2.00 a loaf. A bullet is $1.50.

6) A hibiscus shrub (pictured above) is a weed, whereas up north, it is a valuable houseplant.

7) Lunch time on this island doesn't start until 1:00 PM and most often is around 3:00 PM.

8) There are no straight roads on the island.

9) Tropical fruit costs more here than it does in a North American supermarket.

10) Tourists use limes only with booze. Everyone else here uses limes to cook meats and fish.

I have a whole pile more musings, but I think that I have caught island fever. I will write them tomorrow (if at all). Time to go to the beach.

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