Private Island

I had an incredibly unique experience yesterday (Sunday). A business associate owns a private island resort. It hasn't operated for over a year, and he is anxious to get it up and running again. We took a boat trip to the island. The spray splashed over the bow of the boat on the trip over, the sun was shining, and it was an superbly beautiful day.

I was consulted as to some technology matters. We walked the entire island. At one end, there was this lighthouse lookout that will also be an art gallery:

The live-in security guard/caretaker has an inflatable mattress and he spreads it on the third floor of the lighthouse, opens the windows and the fresh sea breeze keeps him cool all night. The salt breeze is wonderful and fresh atop the lighthouse.

At one point, the island had a stingray pen, but the owner thought that the idea of a stingray pen was repulsive so it was taken down.

As I walked the island, I was aware of the incredible infrastructure required for this -- reverse osmosis desalination, generators, refrigeration, lighting, piping etc, and how difficult it was to build or renovate on an island.

One of my pet ideas is a solar distillation plant, and the owner said that he would give me a quarter acre piece of rock sticking out of the sea off the point to build and test my solar ideas. Now that excites me more than compute technology. The only proviso is that my pipes have to be underwater so as not to ruin the view from the luxury cottages.

After a day on the island, as we pulled into the harbour, I could not believe how materially my life had changed in the short half year that I have been in the tropics. In the previous incarnation of my life, I would have to be a paying guest to a private island, instead of a technology consultant. It is things like this that have made my life in the tropics like a kid in a candy store.

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