Summer Daze

When the girls were small, I used to read them bedtime stories. One of their favourite books was an illustrated book called "Summer". The mantra of the book, repeated over and over was "we love the things that summer brings". Each page was a new delight of summer.

Summer is upon us in the tropics. That means hot hot days, perpetual sunshine and an intense sun. When one is on the beach, it is a nirvana. This is not so in cars before the air conditioning kicks in, or in buildings without air conditioning. But today, July 1, it was different.

This is the first July 1rst that I am working. In my previous life, I was usually at the park for fireworks, or a picnic, or by a lake, or at the riverside park, or at the town park, or celebrating summer with family. Today it is a regular work day in the tropics.

In spite of being a regular work day, it did feel like summer in the north. It rained all night, and when I awoke and trudged to the swimming pool to get my morning swim in, it was coolish, and a warm gray sky. It felt like summer back home. The mockingbirds were imitating the sparrows and other birds found in the boreal latitudes. The heat wasn't oppressive, and it was a morning where one felt good to be alive -- especially after the blood was flowing after diving into the pool.

The one benefit of perpetual summer in the tropics, is that the days, weeks and years seem to go by slower here. In the north, one is reminded of the furious passage of time with the vagaries of the season. Every month something changes. I do like slowing down the passage of time in any way possible.

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