Kids say the darnedest things

Art Linkletter had a TV show that I believe was called House Party. One of the segments of the show was where he would interview kids and ask them questions. Their answers were sometimes hilarious. Like for example, one child said that he like sea creatures. Art asked him what his favourite sea creature was and the kid replied that he like the octopus with the eight testicles. Art asked him if he meant tentacles, and the kid said no, it was testicles.

Art wrote a book of his experiences, and the title was Kids Say the Darnedest Things. This simple fact became apparent last week. We were waiting for our guests from the UK to arrive. We expected them to arrive by taxi. The Lovely One and I were surprised when a huge stretch Hummer limousine pulled out. The driver was one colourful character named Lester.

As it turned out, our guests were wanting a taxi from the airport. Lester was headed over to our end of the island, and gave our guests a ride. At first he wanted a fare of $50. I was dismayed to discover that I had only $33 in my pocket, and Lester took that as full fare.

We took some pics of our guests with Lester and Limo. Just before he left us, Lester insisted on giving us his business card. It is pictured above. When I turned it over, I discovered that a kid had written on it. Obviously it was a very young child. The child had written "Jail us ... Lester Limo".

I am wondering to this day, what "Jail us" means. Does the kid know something that we don't? I love these little mysteries.

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