Cotton Tree?

The Lovely One and I were in a wooded area of this island. The ground was covered with what looked like cotton balls. They were falling off these huge magnificient trees. At the center of each puff ball was a seed.

I put one of these puffballs in my pocket, and an hour later, the seed had separated from the puffball. I googled for powderpuff tree, cotton tree, cotton ball tree and didn't get any results that looked like anything that I saw. The closest I suppose is the Silk Cotton Tree, but even that is not an exact match.

On a personal note, we are back from the North. My batteries are recharged and I am ready for a full court press in the business world. Returning to the tropics was so familiar. Even the climate was familiar. It rained hard last night, and when I went to lock up at 1:00 AM, I wondered if a tropical storm blew in. But by morning all was quiet, and the swimming pool was a seething mass of wriggling termite queens and their discarded wings. Needless to say, I did not get my morning swim in. But I did jump into the work milieu in this tropical paradise.

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