Woven Palm Tree Trunk

I have been incredibly busy. Our product launches on Monday and I am doing a million and one different things. But the marvels of nature can still stop me in my tracks. One of those marvels, is this "woven" palm tree trunk.

Most palm trees have a relatively smooth trunk. This one has leaves that ... well ... interleave and give the woven appearance. Some of these have just a bit of the trunk near the top with the interwoven part, and other species are interwoven all the way down.

The most amazing thing is the palm matting underneath. You can just barely see it in the pics. It is woven like a fabric. I examined the matting closely and the design is incredibly intricate. You see outdoor mats made of it. It grows sort of woven, and it is a tough fabric, essentially of wood. I use pieces of it to start the barbeque (real charcoal briquets).

These types of palm trees do not make edible coconuts.

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